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Live Mobile With Product Search And Dynamic Geo-Location

Microsoft’s browser based mobile search, just got better. Users can now enjoy all the benefits of product search in the palm of their hand, through their mobile phones. Users in the U.K. and Japan will also benefit from improved mobile local search services. Read more →

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Yahoo! Plans To Push Open Strategy Across The Board

Yahoo!’s Chief technology Officer, Ari Balogh and Chief Architect of Platforms, Neal Sample, have announced at the Web 2.0 Expo held in San Francisco on 25th April, that Yahoo! will shortly launch a program called Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS) and will open up SearchMonkey in private beta. Read more →

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Google Offers Banner Advertising On Mobile

Google has just announced some progress on the mobile ad front. They have started displaying banner ads on mobiles. Advertisers who use Google’s AdWords service will be able to choose between displaying plain text or banner ads to mobile Internet users. Read more →

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What Will Happen To The Microsoft-Yahoo! Acquisition?

Yahoo! released their much awaited financial results for the first quarter of the year. While the result is not spectacular, it is better than predicted by some analysts. Some think it could be good enough to keep Microsoft at arm’s length for a while. The Street seems to disagree. Read more →

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Google Still The Most Powerful Brand In The World

WPP owned research company Millward Brown have ranked Google number 1 once again on their listing of the top 100 global brands. This is yet another piece of good news for Google employees and shareholders alike, coming around the same time as their declaration of a surprisingly strong quarter, which drove their share price up 20 percent. Read more →

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Minimum Bids Fluidised On Yahoo! Search Marketing

Yahoo! Search Marketing has changed the rules of their game again. Until last week the minimum bid for sponsored search keywords was a fixed $.10. Now Yahoo! has decided to remove this fixed minimum bid. Over the next few days they will induct new minimum bids for keywords. Read more →

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Twitter Banned In Dubai

Getting banned in the Middle East and China is fast becoming a sign of importance of a website. YouTube’s had it, the BBC has had it, and now up and coming social media site Twitter has had it happen to them. In the words of Ali G. “Respect”! Read more →

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Microsoft News Search Gets A Facelift

At last some news from Microsoft that has nothing to do with acquiring Yahoo! The Live Search team at Microsoft announced that they have made several modifications to their News Search format. Now the information will be categorized into separate sub headings and the news results page has also been given a facelift. Read more →

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Acts Of Desperation: Potential Google – Yahoo! Deal

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Yahoo! and Google are in talks to moved a step further, with regards to their search advertising deal. The 2-week test where Yahoo! Search results showed Google AdSense ads is supposedly looking so encouraging that both companies are already talking about extending the deal. Read more →

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Twitter Testing Ads Within Streams?

Users of Twitter have revealed to TechCrunch that they have come across ads displayed within the twitter feeds during this past week, just after some breaks were reported in the continuity of their services. Read more →

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Breaking Barriers To Mobile Advertising

While it has been widely predicted that mobile advertising is set to become big business, there is still a long way to go. Advertisers would be smart to start learning some lessons from other forms of digital media, and start testing their service offerings on consumers who already use advanced mobile handsets. Read more →

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Google Finally Agrees To Fight Child Pornography In Brazil

In August 2007 the government of Brazil threatened to shut down after it was found that paedophilia and child pornography was being propagated through the Google-owned social network, Orkut. Read more →

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Microsoft – Yahoo! Battle Gets Heated And Complicated

This was never going to be a straightforward acquisition and we all knew that. However, Microsoft’s bid to acquire Yahoo! has just turned more complicated with a whole new set of competing factions coming out of the woodwork. Google, AOL , News Corp. and Time Warner have all re-emerged as significant players. Read more →

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Google Launches New Conversion Tracking Tool

AdWords conversion tracking has been updated for the first time in years. The new system allows advertisers to classify conversion actions and track them separately. Read more →

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Now Start Developing New Applications

Google has just launched a new applications development platform, called the Google App Engine. This new service makes it extremely simple for webmasters and content owners to create and run new internet applications. Read more →

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Yahoo! Makes Big Claims About Transforming Ad Industry

While the online ad industry is growing in leaps and bounds, the actual procedure for advertising tends to function in complicated and haphazard manners on most platforms, so that a lot of time and energy is spent on the buying and selling ads, testing ads, booking placements and finding the right audience.

Yahoo! recently announced that they have been working hard on this aspect of advertising and will shortly come out with a new format called AMP! (Advertising Management Platform) They believe that AMP! Will revolutionize the way the ad industry functions, and make it much simpler to advertise while saving a lot of time and effort. Read more →

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3 UK Launches Ad Funded Mobile Music Video Service

UK mobile provider 3 made a deal with Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Rhythm New Media to launch a free music video service to customers of 3 in the UK. The service is offered to customers with no data charges and is funded solely through advertising. Read more →

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Because We Don’t Have Enough, Facebook Launches Chat

Facebook launched its much anticipated chat client on a few unspecified networks on April 5th. The chat service should shortly be available on other networks. Read more →

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Yahoo! Sharpens Its Claws To Fight Click Fraud

Click fraud has long been one of the major problems that advertisers using pay per click platforms have to deal with. Yahoo! Search Marketing has decided to do “whatever” they can to protect their advertisers from click fraud. Read more →

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Google To Sell Performics Search Marketing

After receiving regulatory approval of their acquisition of DoubleClick, the policy makers at Google have been trying to reorganize the functioning of the company to achieve maximum productivity, while at the same time offering quality services to their clients. Read more →

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