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Google Takes A Pro-Gay Stance On Proposition 8

Google, as a company, tends not to take sides on matters not concerning their domain; i.e. issues other than those related to information access, technology and energy. However, they made an exception to this rule and have spoken out against the constitutional amendment banning the marriage between individuals of the same sex. Read more →

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Google Tries to Explain Their Deal With Yahoo!

The Google–Yahoo! deal has ruffled the feathers of several advertisers and publishers. In an attempt to try and smoothen things Google has launched a ‘facts site’ and a presentation consisting of 17 slides, which try to explain the significance of this deal. Read more →

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Yahoo! Announces New Ad Platform – APT

Yahoo! has just unveiled a new advertising platform called APT, which they had announced was in development last year under the name AMP. The announcement was made on Wednesday, during the Advertising Week media event held in New York City. Read more →

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Yahoo! Talking Merger With AOL

Following all the hullabaloo after the Yahoo! board of directors refused Microsoft’s offer to buy them over, and the threats led by investor Carl Icahn, to replace the entire board of Yahoo!, the headless chicken that is Yahoo! is now looking at merging with another collossal sinker, AOL. Read more →

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Google Maps Street Views Now On Mobile

In keeping with their aim to make information available to all, at all times, Google has now added another feature to their repertoire. Street Views on Google Maps will now be accessible to mobile phone users. Read more →

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Yahoo! To Shut Down Mash

Hardly one year after it was launched, Yahoo! Mash will be shutting down. The experimental social network aspired to be a potential competitor to the hugely popular social sites such as Facebook and MySpace, but fell far short of this lofty target. Read more →

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Microsoft Live Search Gets Semantic Query Processing

Microsoft has now integrated Powerset into the Live Search platform, since last month. The Redmond-based software giant is believed to have paid $100 million for Powerset’s semantic search capabilities in an attempt to improve their position in the search engine market after the failed attempt to acquire Yahoo! earlier in the year. Read more →

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Google Starts Indexing Audio Content

With the manifold increase that audio and video have recently gained on the Internet, it is becoming extremely difficult for users to find exactly whatever it is that they are looking for. In order to make the task simpler, Google has launched a speech recognition tool that enables searching within audio and video files. Read more →

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Google Improves Internet Access In Developing Nations

In keeping with their goal to make information available easily, all over the world, Google has decided to invest in a O3b Networks, an organisation that aims to provide Internet connectivity all over the world, especially to people in developing nations. Read more →

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3G And Mobile Search Gain Momentum

The U.S.A. has now caught up with Western Europe in adoption of 3G technoloy. A new report from comScore has found that it is a neck and neck race between the two regions now, with 28.4% of U.S. mobile users and 28.3% European mobile consumers using 3G technology. Read more →

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Google Android Phone To Release Shortly

After the recent successful launch of their web browser, Google Chrome, the search giant is now getting ready to release another long awaited, but not as surprising new product – the new Android mobile phone, by the last quarter of the year. Read more →

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Google Showing 2 Videos On Single Listing

Google seems to be capitalising on its results pages real estate by now showing two video listings side-by-side in the space normally occupied by a single search result. Read more →

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One Week On – User Reviews Of Google Chrome

As first impressions go, most people seem to be satisfied with Google Chrome, the browser launched by the search giant only last week, which they claim now accounts for 3-6% of browser market share. Read more →

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Internet Advertising On The Upswing

If forecasts made by various media communications companies are to be believed, the amount of money spent on internet advertising is poised to increase considerably. Read more →

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Google-Yahoo! Deal Upsets Advertisers

The Google-Yahoo! partnership, which was announced in June, does not seem to be finding favour with advertisers. Though advertisers have refrained from speaking out against the deal individually, they do not seem to be for it as a whole. Read more →

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Selling Stolen Bras On eBay Is Not OK

There seems to be a whole new meaning given to the term, “Cyber Crime”. As per reports, George Tutaya a 41 year old resident of Rego Park in Queens, New York, was arrested for allegedly selling stolen bras on eBay over the last two years. Read more →

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Chinese Mobile Ad Industry Thriving

China’s mobile ad industry has taken a huge leap forward in the first half of 2008. The nation’s leading mobile advertising company, Madhouse, Inc., has reportedly served over 2.3 billion mobile ad impressions in the first half of this year, which is already about 5 times the total number of mobile ads served in the entire previous year. Read more →

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Google-Verizon To Form Partnership?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google and Verizon are believed to be negotiating a deal together. If the deal comes through, Google would be the default search engine on Verizon’s network. If all goes well, this facility could even be extended to Verizon’s Web portal and FiOS TV service at a later stage. Read more →

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Google Launches Map Maker

Google is trying very hard to improve the data available on Google Maps for various regions of the world. In order to do this, they have launched a new tool called Map Maker, which uses a Wiki-like approach to mapping. Read more →

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Mobile Websites Can Include Geolocation Via Google API

Google launched a new tool, last week, known as the Gears Geolocation API. This tool will enable mobile and desktop users to detailed information about the area they are in, even if they do not know where they are and their mobiles are not GPS enabled. Read more →

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