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Top Voice-Powered Mobile Searches Of 2009

Social media brands are the most popular terms searched using voice on mobile. Mobile phone “voice user interface” inventor, Vlingo, has just released a list of the 10 most popular voice-powered mobile web searches of 2009. Read more →

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Hulu Launches Video Scene Search

Online video service Hulu, which allows viewers to watch TV series and movies online, has recently launched a new feature called Captions Search. Read more →

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Google Doesn’t Practice What They Preach For Open Source

Just this week Google’s V.P. of Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg published a memo declaring that Google is an open source company. An insightful article on the Silicon Alley Insider points out how all Google’s talk about opennes is really just “empty posturing”. Read more →

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Mobile Web Growing Fastest In Developing Countries

Everybody has been predicting that the mobile Web is set to grow bigger than it already is, and 2009 had even been called the year of the mobile Web (like almost every other year in this decade!). But it’s not just a bunch of PR hype. Read more →

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Twitter Profitable In 2009

Over the last year or so, everybody has been wondering about how Twitter manages to survive without monetising the site. Read more →

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Yelp Walks Away From Google Deal

Last week it looked almost certain that Yelp would sign a deal with Google. However, sources now reveal that Yelp has decided to back out of the deal. Read more →

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Facebook Earned $1 Billion Revenue

Facebook looks all set to cross the $1 billion mark with their annual revenue for 2009. This figure is close to double the $550 million that was predicted to be their annual revenue for the year. Read more →

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X-Factor Shows Meteoric Mobile Traffic Rise

Reality shows on T.V. really have their audiences engaged, and this spills over into increased mobile web traffic. One of the most popular shows in the UK, X-Factor proves this. Read more →

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Twitter Rolls Out Contributors For Businesses

For a while now, Twitter has been planning to monetise their site and has been working towards that goal. Read more →

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Google Pushing Chrome Everywhere They Can

Google has started marketing their browser, Chrome, quite vehemently now. Ads for Chrome are showing up on a variety of media in the UK. Read more →

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Microsoft Users Click More

Data released by advertising network Chitika should be of great interest to online marketers and advertisers. Their research revealed that Microsoft users tend to click more on ads than users of other operating systems, search engines and browsers. Read more →

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Confirmed: Google Making Own Phone

It has finally been confirmed that the rumors floating around about Google making their own phone are true. Read more →

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AdSense Publishers Can Search And Review Ads

Since the recent introduction of the new AdSense interface, Google has continued to improve the way the Ad Review Center works. The latest improvement allows publishers to search for ads targeting their site. Read more →

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Google Real Estate Search In U.K.

According to reports from the Financial Times, Google is planning to start a property portal on their site by early 2010. Read more →

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Google’s All For Making The Web Faster

Google has just introduced 2 new services that will help make the web faster for their clients. One of them is a tool for webmasters to monitor their website’s speed and the other is a public DNS service. Read more →

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Google Friend Connect Integrates With Twitter

Google has recently announced that they are integrating their service Friend Connect with Twitter. Read more →

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1 Billion Mobile Internet Users By 2010

Analysts at IDC have made some predictions about the growth of the mobile Internet, based on usage data currently available. Not surprisingly, mobile Web browsing is big! Read more →

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Yahoo! To Integrate With Facebook

Yahoo! has announced that by the first half of 2010, they will integrate all their properties with Facebook via Facebook Connect. Read more →

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India To Block 25 Million Mobile Handsets

With the rise in terrorist activities and threats across the country, the government of India has passed a directive to block all mobile handsets that do not have a valid identity number. Read more →

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Innovative Facebook Campaign Success For Ikea

The Swedish chain of furniture stores, Ikea, is creating a buzz on Facebook, for all the right reasons. Read more →

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