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Mobile And Social Network Advertising Predicted To Grow

According to the results of recent studies conducted by Forrester Research, mobile advertising and social network advertising are set to grow at a phenomenal rate in the USA. Read more →

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Microsoft Vine Debuts

Microsoft has recently launched a new social web application called Vine that will first be beta tested in Seattle. Critics liken the service to a combination of Twitter and Facebook. Read more →

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StumbleUpon Makes It Easier To Stumble

All good things that happen to StumbleUpon seem to go largely un-noticed and under the radar. They recently updated their submission process without making any announcement even on their own blog. Read more →

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RealTime Notifications And New Channel Layouts On YouTube

Since sites like Facebook and FriendFeed have already enabled real time interaction for users on their site, YouTube is starting to do the same. A new feature called YouTube RealTime is now being tested on a limited basis. Read more →

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The Terminator On Twitter

Soon to be launched movie, Terminator Salvation, has tapped into Twitter with a whole new concept for self promotion. Read more →

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Yahoo! Tops Mobile Search Site Benchmark

Growth in mobile Internet access and the number of users perform search operations on their mobile phones has prompted dotMobi and Gomez Inc. to create the world’s first Mobile Web Benchmark Series, to rank the leading mobile sites with regards to their efficiency for customer operations. Read more →

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Parisians Take To The Streets To Protest Facebook Redesign

There is a saying that goes, ‘Change is the only constant’, which is quite true, but it is equally true that ‘all change is resisted’ at least initially. The second phrase seems to apply to the case of the social networking site Facebook in France. Read more →

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Ning Celebrates One Million Social Networks

Around the same time that Ashton Kutcher managed to collect one million followers on Twitter, Ning has created its one millionth network. Read more →

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First Amazon, Now Google In Anti-Gay Row recently upset a lot of their gay clients by removing the sales rankings for several gay titles from their collection. Now, search giant Google is likely to find itself in the middle of the same contreversy due to a faux-pas that has been found on the AdWords system. Read more →

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The Race For One Million Twitter Followers

Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds. Its following grew by an unbelievable 75% from February to March this year, with site visits doubling. The site has its celebrity users to thank for this sudden growth spurt. Read more →

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Jumptap Launches tapMatch Mobile Ad Platform

A new mobile advertising service called tapMatch has just been launched by mobile ad solutions provider, Jumptap. tapMatch offers pay per click mobile advertising. Read more →

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What’s New With AccuraCast?

A lot has been going on outside of our main website, and I thought I’d write a quick post to update our readers about some of these new developments. Read more →

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Popular Brands Succumb To Sneaky Twitter Advertising

A number of popular brands have been recently caught paying for undercover publicity on Twitter. These brands are paying Twitter users, via the Magpie ad network, to tweet about their products. Read more →

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Yahoo! Updates Image Search, Quality Better Than Google

Yahoo! recently overhauled the Yahoo! Image Search Preview page, with the intention of making it more interesting and user friendly for their clients. The result is a more modern feature that looks like a “Web 2.0” image gallery. Read more →

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Digg Bar Launched And Exploited

Last month we had reported on a potential Digg toolbar that would compete with StumbleUpon.

Digg has now launched a new product called the ‘DiggBar’, which appears at the top of the browser whenever users click on any story on Digg. The DiggBar is portable to any website, making social news sharing much easier, but ways to exploit it are already cropping up. Read more →

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Google Discontinues AdSense Video Ads

Following another round of product and performance reviews, Google has decided to shut down their video ads feature, just over a year after it was introduced. Read more →

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Portable Contacts Provides Secure Social Data Portability

Google introduced a new system called ‘Portable Contacts’, last month, to make it possible for third party websites to access a user’s friends list without requiring them to disclose their password. Read more →

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Is Google About To Acquire Twitter?

Undisclosed sources have apparently informed TechCrunch that Google is holding negotiations to buy over the popular microblogging site Twitter. Read more →

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Potential Twitter Revenue Model

Twitter has gained immense popularity in the last year, and seems to have finally decided to try and generate some revenue. The popular micro-blogging service has publicly acknowledged the possibilities of two potential revenue generation models. Read more →

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China Bans YouTube, Again

YouTube, seems to have run into trouble with the Chinese authorities yet again. The site was blocked in China, again, last week. Read more →

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