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Gangs Of New York On Twitter

Technology is being used in the most unexpected of ways, by the most unexpected people. Street gangs in New York are making use of Twitter to communicate with each other and to plan up-coming fights. Read more →

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Microsoft recently integrated the Xbox 360 console with social music site, Reports of user uptake of this service have been very positive so far. Read more →

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Tesco To Sell iPhones

After the end of O2′s exclusive deal to sell the Apple iPhone, several players have entered the market, and supermarket brand Tesco is one of the operators hoping to cash in on the device’s popularity. Read more →

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Paid Twitter Accounts To Debut This Year

For a while now, there has been talk about Twitter starting commercial accounts. That piece of news has now been confirmed by none other than Twitter’s co-founder, Biz Stone. Read more →

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(Funny) Automatic Captions On YouTube

YouTube has just introduced the ability to provide automatic captions on all user videos. Read more →

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Yahoo! Gets Real Time News Updates

Earlier this month we had news that Yahoo! was experimenting with real time search. Now, Yahoo! has officially integrated with Twitter and is featuring results from the micro-blogging platform for hot news topics. Read more →

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Chrome OS Unveiled

Google has been working hard on developing their own operating system, Chromium OS, for a while now and they are getting ready to launch it early next year. Read more →

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MMS Updates On Twitter Via Orange

U.K. mobile operator Orange has announced a partnership with Twitter to introduce MMS support on Twitter. Read more →

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Is Mobile Marketing Heading For Trouble?

Even though the number of mobile Web users has been increasing steadily over the years and marketers have pitched every year as “the year of the mobile”, mobile marketing now seems to be facing some serious hurdles. Read more →

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Google Launches Product Listing Ads

The latest ad format to be added to Google AdWords is called a Product Listing Ad. This new ad type will be of particular use to online retailers who have a Google Merchant Center account. Read more →

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Taptu Brings Realtime Search To Mobile

With the growing popularity of realtime search, it was only a matter of time before it became available on the mobile Web. Taptu has managed to beat Google and Microsoft to become the first provider of realtime search on mobile. Read more →

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Top Social Media Resources For Business

A recent study by has found that webinars, podcasts,  user ratings and reviews and corporate profiles on social networks are the most popular social media resources used by professionals to gain information. Read more →

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Best Buy Installing Google Mobile App

Google has managed to convince one of the largest electronics retailers in the USA to promote their mobile search application. Best Buy Mobile representatives will now offer their customers the option to get the Google Mobile App installed for free on smartphones that are bought in their retail outlets. Read more →

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Most Time Spent Online Is On Microsoft Sites

A new report from comScore measuring spent by users on various Internet sites found that Microsoft is way ahead of the pack. Read more →

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Google Acquires AdMob

Google announced yesterday that they have signed an agreement to acquire the mobile display advertising company AdMob. Read more →

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Yahoo! Experiments With Real Time Search

With both Microsoft and then Google announcing individual deals that give them access to real time information on Twitter, Yahoo! cannot afford to be left behind in the race. Read more →

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Google Launches Go Mobile! Site

Google AdWords recently launched a new resource to help marketers reach mobile Internet audiences more easily. This service is called Go Mobile! Read more →

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Google AdWords Launches Two New Ad Types

Google has launched two new ad types in their AdWords service. The first is called AdWords Comparison Ads and the second is a feature called Ad Sitelinks. Read more →

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Microsoft Could Buy

How far will Microsoft go, in their bid to increase the market share of their search engine Bing?

The latest rumour making the rounds is that Microsoft may buy, which has been up for sale for a long time now. Barry Diller, the Chairman of InterActive Corp, the parent company of, has said that the search market is challenging, and he would be quite willing to part with his search engine (In exchange, for appropriate remuneration, of course.) Read more →

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Is Twitter Already On Its Way Down?

A recent report released by analytics firm Hitwise, does not provide good news for Twitter. According to the report, the growth curve of Twitter has taken a fairly steep turn for the worst between July and October 2009. Read more →

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