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Yahoo! Target Of Cyber Attacks In China

The issues relating to cyber-attacks in China that led to Google’s withdrawal from the country are not yet over. The BBC is now reporting that Yahoo! email accounts were also targeted. Read more →

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State Of The Mobile Web

Opera, the makers of the mobile Web browser, Opera Mini, have released their monthly ‘State of the mobile Web‘ report, which shows that the mobile Internet continues to grow and operators all over the world continue to make a lot of money. Read more →

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Android Popularity Surges In U.S.

The recently released Mobile Metrics Report from AdMob shows that while the iPhone continues to be the global market leader in its category, things are changing in the U.S.A. Read more →

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Google AdWords Launches Remarketing

Google has announced that they have opened up availability of a new feature called remarketing, which was previously being tested by a limited group of advertisers. Read more →

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GoDaddy Stops Offering Chinese Domain Names

Following closely on the heels of Google, the popular domain registrar GoDaddy has also announced their decision to pull out of the Chinese market. Read more →

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59% of Americans Use TV And Internet Together

A recent report from Nielsen Company has found that 35% more Americans now access the Internet while watching TV than a year ago. Read more →

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Google Exits China

Google formally announced plans to leave China yesterday after their threat to stop censoring search result on was met with severe opposition from the Chinese government. Read more →

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Consumers Engaged Via Social Media More Likely To Buy

A recent study has found that consumers who follow brands on social media such as Facebook and Twitter are more likely to buy their products since becoming a fan/follower. Read more →

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Revenue From Mobile Web 2.0 To Reach $18.9 Billion By 2014

Juniper Research has predicted that demand for Web 2.0 services on mobile phones and the associated annual revenues from those services will reach $18.9 billion by 2014. Read more →

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Twitter Launching @anywhere Platform

Following closely on the heels of their announcement regarding location tagging, Twitter has announced the introduction of yet another service, called the @anywhere platform. Read more →

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Twitter Already Location Tagging

While speculation about the possibility of Facebook starting a location sharing feature in the near future is still just speculation, Twitter is already one step ahead of them. Read more →

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RSS Advertising Effectiveness Questionable

Gawker Media recently announced their decision to truncate RSS feeds from their popular blog, Lifehacker. Their reasoning puts the effectiveness of RSS marketing in doubt. Read more →

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Facebook To Allow Location Sharing

The New York Times reports that Facebook is getting ready to allow location sharing between friends. Read more →

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Microsoft Bing Censors Gay Searches In Middle East

The OpenNet Initiative has found that Microsoft Bing censors searches related to gay and lesbian topics in a number of Middle Eastern countries. Read more →

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Google Testing TV Search

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google is testing a new TV search service in conjunction with Dish Network. Read more →

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Dwell Time To Measure Digital Branding

A recent white paper from Microsoft Advertising discusses how the growth of digital as a branding channel is prompting the need for advertisers to know how effective their ad campaigns have been. Dwell Time is proposed as a measure of the effectiveness of digital branding. Read more →

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Google Launches Public Data Visualisation Tool

Almost exactly 3 years ago, in March 2007, Google acquired Gapminder’s Trendalyzer software. They have now put this technology to use and released it in the public domain. Read more →

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YouTube Revenue Estimated $1 Billion

Google’s studied secrecy about the revenue generated by their video site, YouTube, only fuels further curiosity and speculation on the subject. The latest to offer an opinion and some estimated figures on the topic is Mark Mahaney of the Citigroup. Read more →

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News Consumers Favour Multiple Sources

A joint survey conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life project and the Project for Excellence in Journalism studied the habits of American consumers with regard to their preferred sources for daily news. Read more →

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Mobile Social Networking Favoured By Women

The results of a study conducted recently by the Nielsen group, show that women use mobiles for social networking much more than men do. Read more →

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