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Nexus One – Now Available On Vodafone UK

Google has just announced that their mobile phone, the Nexus One will now be available in the U.K. Contrary to expectations, it will be sold through Vodafone and not directly through Google. Read more →

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Google Launches Place Pages For Mobile

After the successful launch of Place Pages in conjunction with Google Maps, last fall, Google has now gone a step further and introduced Place Pages optimised for mobile handsets. Read more →

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Facebook And StumbleUpon Drive Most Social Traffic

According to statistics released by analytics firm, StatCounter, Facebook has retained its place as the largest source of traffic from social media to global websites in March 2010. Read more →

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AdWords Agency Qualification Changes

Google has just announced some changes in the requirements to qualify as an approved advertising agency on the Google AdWords platform. Read more →

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Microsoft and Facebook Launch

Facebook and Microsoft’s partnership is delivering new, innovative applications that few expected to see from the collaboration. The largest social network has been working with the software giant to create a service that will allow users to share their documents online. At the F8 conference held by Facebook on the 21st of April, they announced the launch of Read more →

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Snoop Dogg Launches Album On Mobile

Rapper Snoop Dogg has tied up with the entertainment company Myxer to promote and release his latest album, titled ‘More Malice’, on mobile. Read more →

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Facebook Community Pages Live

Facebook Community Pages are now live and the new service already has over 6.5 million pages at the time of launch.

Read more →

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Google Local Business Center Becomes Google Places

Last September, Google launched the Local Business Center to help business owners to reach out to a larger audience. They have now renamed the service ‘Google Places’ in an attempt to help users understand the connection between Google and the Local Business Center. Read more →

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Facebook As Popular As TV

It is a known fact that social networks are gaining in popularity. According to the latest reports released by Nielsen Online, 73% of the U.S. population is now engaged in some form of social media activity or the other. Read more →

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Ning Initiates User Exodus From Own Site

The social networking network, Ning, has just announced that it will no longer provide any free services to users. This will most likely mark the (not too slow) demise of what was an excellent social networking service. Read more →

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Twitter Claims More Searches Than Bing, Yahoo!

Evan Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, said at the Chirp conference recently that Twitter users carry out about 600 million searches per day. Twitter’s director of search Doug Cook added that the number of queries reaches the 750 million mark on certain days and he expects it to cross 1 billion fairly soon. Read more →

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Google Enables Twitter Archive Search

Ever since the introduction of real-time search last December, Google has added content from sites like MySpace, Facebook and Buzz. The data is now available in 40 different languages. Google has also added a links feature to help people find the most relevant information with updates from Twitter. Read more →

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Twitter Ads To Be Via “Promoted Tweets”

Twitter has just announced that their ad platform will launch with the release of a new service called Promoted Tweets. Read more →

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Twitter Ads To Be Via "Promoted Tweets"

Twitter has just announced that their ad platform will launch with the release of a new service called Promoted Tweets. Read more →

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Organic v Paid Search: Which Is More Likely To Convert?

Recent research from sources such as comScore and Nielsen indicates, in a fairly decisive manner, that visits to a website that convert are more likely to come through a paid or sponsored link rather than from an organic or algorithmic link. Read more →

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Labour MP Urges Voters To Commit Click Fraud

With the general elections in the U.K. to be held shortly, all the major political parties are making all efforts to reach out to online audiences. Some (perhaps all) politicians, though, don’t seem to mind playing dirty in an attempt to thwart their opponents’ efforts. Read more →

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AOL To Sell Bebo

AOL bought the social network Bebo in 2008 for $850 million. However, the network has not been doing too well and has been losing ground against its more popular competitors. It is believed that AOL is likely to sell the social network or shut it down. Read more →

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Social Networking Habits Across Asia-Pacific

comScore has conducted a study on the social networking habits of users in the Asia-Pacific region (not including China). The results show that 50.8% of the total online population in this region visited one social network or other in February 2010. Read more →

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U.K. Elections To Be Fought Online

Following the success of Barack Obama in the 2008 U.S. elections, all the major political parties in the U.K. are set to follow his example and take the fight for votes online in the run up to the upcoming general elections of May 2010. Read more →

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Facebook, Apple Devouring Natural Energy Resources

With the continuous and rapid growth of the Internet and related technologies, the requirement for power to keep these services live has also gone up tremendously. Read more →

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