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3-Word Queries Send Most Traffic

Online ad network, Chitika, conducted a study to find out the ideal number of words in a search query to drive the most traffic. Read more →

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Mobile Web Usage Peaks At Night

Opera has recently released a report on trends in mobile Web usage for the month of May 2010. The key metric chosen for the study this time was the peak time during which people access the mobile Web. Read more →

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Location Based Ad Success Stories

Two recent press releases by a maps, traffic and location data provider revealed the results of two location-based ad campaigns conducted on a location-aware advertising network. Read more →

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Facebook Changing U.K. Government Policy-Making

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s, European trip began in London, where he met David Cameron, the new Prime Minister. There talks included a discussion on improving digital engagement in the UK government’s policy making process. Read more →

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Black Eyed Peas First To Reach 1 Million Downloads

Over the last year, the song “I Gotta Feeling” by the R&B group, The Black Eyed Peas has been immensely popular. The song has now created a new milestone by being the first ever single to be downloaded over 1 million times in the U.K. Read more →

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Facebook Follows Twitter To Location Awareness

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that location-based features will be launched on the social network in the near future. Read more →

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Google Working Toward Paid News

Last week, an article in an Italian newspaper leaked out information about a service that Google has been talking about for a while now – a paid model for accessing content through their search engine. Read more →

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YouTube Launches Extremely Basic Video Editor

Editing video can be quite a difficult task for novices, as it requires installing special software, and following often complicated instructions. YouTube has addressed this problem for its users by developing an online video editor that makes basic video editing easier. Read more →

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Promoted Tweets In Trending Twitter Topics

After the successful launch of promoted tweets in April, Twitter has now decided to go ahead with a new service that should help them further increase revenues. Read more →

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What Draws Silver Surfers To Facebook?

The commonly held notion that the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are frequented only by the young is turning out to be absolutely false. Read more →

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Google Launches AdWords Campaign Experiments

Google has released yet another new tool to help AdWords advertisers to optimise their accounts, thereby making the role of third-party bid management even more expendable to many. Read more →

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Twitter Launches Places

Twitter has finally announced that the launch of their long-awaited geolocation service, in the form of a new feature known as Twitter Places. Read more →

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Google v Apple – The Battle Has Begun

Competition between Google and Apple is no longer subtle. The two tech giants have locked horns and are now battling for supremacy in a number of markets. Read more →

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Google Censored In Turkey, Again

A number of Google services have once again been banned in Turkey. The Telecommunications Presidency has decided to ban access to various Google services such as Google Docs, Google Analytics and YouTube for an indefinite period of time, starting from June 4. Read more →

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BP Invests In Google AdWords To Protect Brand Reputation

Following the recent oil spill that occurred in the Gulf Of Mexico, BP, the company responsible for the disaster, has been working hard not only to clear up the mess created, but also to save face. Read more →

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AOL Shopping For New Search Partner

Rumours have been doing the rounds regarding a possible deal between AOL and Microsoft. AOL’s Chief Executive, Tim Armstrong, has said that the company is in talks for a new search deal. Their current deal with Google is due to end shortly. Read more →

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Google Testing Real Time Twitter Ads

Last month Google started testing a new form of display ad that integrates realtime updates from Twitter into the AdWords ad delivery platform. Read more →

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U.S. Mobile Searches Grow 90%

MobiLens, a service of comScore, has just released a report on the growth of mobile applications and browser content. According to their findings, social networking has seen the largest amount of growth in both mobile as well as browser access. Read more →

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Canadian White Pages Dying Due To Search

The growth of the Internet in general, and online and mobile search, in particular, has just claimed another victim – the Canadian White Pages directory service. Read more →

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Android Favoured For Phones

Google’s Android Operating System has been given the thumbs up by many hardware manufacturers. In fact, it is widely believed that Android will be the most popular operating system for phones and tablet PCs in the near future. Read more →

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