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TripAdvisor Shuns Google But Ties Up With Facebook

For the last two weeks or so, there appears to be some sort of tussle going on between Google and TripAdvisor. Read more →

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Delicious Might Be Cut Off From Yahoo!

A document which was leaked recently, has started quite a flutter among users of the book marking site Delicious. Read more →

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Google Search Reclaims Mobile Web Throne

Opera Mini has released a monthly review regarding the popularity of various websites and handsets used for accessing the web, for the month of November. Read more →

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Next For Google: Delivering Search Results Before You Search

After having provided Instant Search Results, the logical next step for Google seems to be to provide search results before a user makes a search. Read more →

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Google Can Now Recognise Your Voice

Google Voice Search can now recognise the voice of individual users. This advance voice recognition service will only be available to users of Android version 2.2 or later. Read more →

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Google Engage For Agencies

It had been reported earlier that Google would be changing the support system which they offer their AdWords clients. Read more →

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Google Chrome Notebook

Google has now launched the first version of their new Chrome OS Notebook. It is called Cr-48. Read more →

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Could TrueView Ads Be YouTube’s Saviour?

Google’s struggle to monetise YouTube on the same scale as it has monetised search has been well documented. They recently announced a new ad format, called TrueView Video Ads, which could be the answer they’ve been looking for all along. Read more →

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U.S. Could Force Opt-Out For Ad Tracking

After a recent review of online advertising practices, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission recommended that Internet users should have a Do-Not-Track option available to let them opt out of online ad tracking. Read more →

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Google Website Optimiser Vulnerability Opens Sites To Hackers

Users of Google Website Optimiser were sent an email this week from the Google engineering team regarding a serious security issue in Website Optimiser. Read more →

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Social Gaming Is Big Business

Social media has not only helped people keep in touch with each other, but social sites have also helped spawn a brand new industry – social gaming and virtual goods, which have turned into a big business. Read more →

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Yahoo! Considers Facebook A Bigger Threat Than Google

While Yahoo! and Google have been known competitors for several years, Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz has made a fairly startling comment recently. Read more →

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Nexus S – Google’s Second Mobile Coming

Google has just confirmed that they will shortly be launching the second Google phone called the Google Nexus S. This phone will run on Android 2.3 technology, also known as Gingerbread. Read more →

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Facebook Cited In 1 In 5 U.S. Divorce Cases

It is a well accepted fact that the growing popularity of social networks has resulted in various changes in our lifestyle. >However, the most recent revelation about how they have affected our lives is quite shocking. Read more →

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U.S. Retailers Show How To Use Twitter

The holiday shopping season officially began in the USA on the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers there are putting in every effort possible to attract more customers and that includes making use of popular social networking sites like Twitter. Read more →

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Google About To Take On Amazon

Earlier this year, news of a Google e-book store became public knowledge.  The store was first expected to launch in early 2010, but was put off to June/July. Google has now confirmed through a report in the Wall Street Journal that they will launch the online book store, called Google Editions, before the end of the year in the U.S. and in early 2011 worldwide. Read more →

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Mobile OS Usage Across The World

Nokia’s Symbian OS and Apple’s iOS were recently found to be the mobile operating systems most commonly used to access the mobile Internet worldwide. Other operating systems, such as RIM by BlackBerry and Android, are also very popular in certain regions. Read more →

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