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Social Media Used To Fuel Civil Unrest In Egypt

Protestors in Egypt are using various social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as well as mobile communications to spread their message to the outside world. Read more →

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Orange Debuts Mobile Payments In U.K.

Users of ‘Everything Everywhere’, the joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile will soon be able to make payments for various purchases directly with their mobile phones in the U.K. Read more →

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Facebook Tests Groupon Killer

Facebook will now be testing a new feature called ‘Buy With Friends’ that is likely to give serious competition to social buying site, Groupon. Read more →

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Browsers Building ‘Do Not Track’ Functionality

Ever since the U.S. Federal Trade Commission released its report on online user privacy, the government body has been quite insistent with Internet browser developers that the privacy rights of their users should be upheld. Read more →

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Facebook Launches New Ad Unit – Sponsored Stories

Facebook has just announced the launch of a new ad format, called Sponsored Stories. The privacy implications of this format are bound to raise controversy, again! Read more →

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Google Fights Self-Promo Claims By Harvard Professor

2011 has started with Google having to face multiple attacks of self promotion and invasion of privacy from a number of fronts. Claims of bias in Google’s organic search results have risen time and again. The latest one comes from Harvard University. Read more →

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Is Twitter Still Growing?

In spite of a lot of speculation last year that Twitter’s growth might have plateaued, Twitter disclosed that as of the 1st of January 2011, they had nearly 200 million registered accounts, and received about 110 million tweets every day. Read more →

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Google Privacy Policies Result In Prosecution In Europe

Ever since the wi-fi snooping issue, Google has been facing problems in Europe, with respect to the local privacy laws. Read more →

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Rise Of The Video CV

In the past, the standard way of applying for a new job was to have your CV typed out on paper and then to forward it to placement agencies or directly to companies which may have advertised in various publications. Today, technology has made all of these steps redundant, even the traditional CV! Read more →

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More Than A Social Network – Now A Golden Globe Winner

Whenever the term, “Social Network” is used, one immediately thinks of one of the most popular Internet sites, Facebook. However, the popular site is also the basis of a now award-winning movie. Read more →

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Foursquare Launches Business Pages

Foursquare has recently launched a new feature known as Business Pages to help businesses market themselves through the local social network. Read more →

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53 Billion Visits To Piracy Sites In 2010

Anti-fraud firm, MarkMonitor, recently carried out a study to estimate the extent of online piracy prevalent in society. The results were quite shocking, to say the least. Read more →

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Mobile Advertising Growth Driven By Finance Industry

A report released by the mobile ad network, Millenial Media, shows that mobile advertising in the United States is growing most rapidly in the financial services industry. Read more →

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Facebook Phone Rumours About To Come True?

Rumours of a Facebook branded mobile phone have resurfaced this week following the recent news that a new handset called the INQ Cloud Touch has been certified by Bluetooth. Read more →

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1 Billion Mobile Broadband Connections In 2011

After having just hit the ½ billion mark in 2010, the number of mobile broadband subscribers is all set to touch the 1 billion mark in 2011. Read more →

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Facebook Shut Down Rumour Drives Panic

A large number of Facebook users have been going nearly berserk after it was falsely reported that Facebook would shut down on March 15. Read more →

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Mobile Gaming Worth $6 Billion

Juniper Research has released the 6th edition of their report on the future of mobile games. The report predicts that the revenue earned from in-game purchases is set to rise substantially in the coming years, and it will overtake the revenue generated through the pay-per-download system of purchase on mobiles by 2013. Read more →

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YouTube Subject To Regulation In Italy

According to new rules laid down by the Italian Communications Authority (AGCOM), YouTube and other similar video sharing sites will now be treated as broadcasters and will be subjected to the same regulations as TV broadcast companies. Read more →

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Google Guns For Mobile In 2011

Since mobile search has been growing at such a phenomenal rate, it is only a matter of time before mobile paid search follows suit. 2011 is predicted to be the year, for this to happen, and for once, it actually may be true. Read more →

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Reddit Booms As Digg Busts In 2010

Statistics recently revealed by Reddit show that the site has grown exceptionally well during the last year. Read more →

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