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In-App Billing For Android Apps

Mobile payments have become the hottest topic of the month. Orange first announced their offering in the UK. Google followed suit with the announcement of a partnership with Mastercard and now another announcement about the launch of In-app Billing for the Android market. Read more →

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Google Introduces Targeting By Topic On Display Network

Advertisers on Google Adwords, have been using contextual ad placement targeting for a long time now. Google has now added a new way for them to do so. Read more →

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Google Turns Mobile Phones Into Wallets

Google is in talks with Mastercard and Citigroup to enable users to make payments for their purchases through their Android phones. Read more →

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YouTube Trends For Agencies

YouTube Trends was launched last year to allow users to find out what the topics of focus have been on YouTube. A new service, YouTube Trends Dashboard has now launched to seemingly help agencies promote brands on the online video platform.

Read more →

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Over 50% Of Music Recommendations Deemed Inaccurate

With the constant burgeoning of new music bands and music sites, it is not easy for users to find the music which they want. A recent study has attempted to measure how successful music recommendation sites are at helping users discover good new tunes. Read more →

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Is Facebook A Better Social Commerce Platform Than Twitter?

A recent study has attempted to place a dollar value on each social share. Facebook out performs Twitter in terms of the net worth of each share on the network. Read more →

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Microsoft Is Google’s Biggest Competitor In Online Video

A report released by comScore has shown that in the month of February, there have been a lot of changes in the rankings of the top ten of online video sites in the USA. Read more →

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Google Still Lets Advertisers Create TV Ads For Free

One of the major problems that prevents small businesses from advertising on TV or even on Internet video channels, is the cost of creating a TV commercial or video ad. Google has now decided to help potential advertisers further overcome this stumbling block. Read more →

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Common Search Query Modifiers

While people can search for almost everything through the search engines, a recently conducted study has found that certain terms are used very commonly with each query. Read more →

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EU Forcing Privacy Policy On Facebook, Google

For some time now, there has been a call to protect the privacy of users, but it has not been taken very seriously by those concerned. The European Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reding, has decided to tackle the issue head on. Read more →

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Mobile Ticketing Becoming Mainstream

A recent report from Juniper Research has found that mobile ticketing is growing fast. The market is set to triple in volume over the next four years. Read more →

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Twitter’s Own App Threat To Developers

In the past couple of years, several desktop application developers have developed new apps that allow users to access Twitter on their desktop or browser. A number of these apps were monetised even before Twitter itself started displaying ads. The livelihood of these app developers is now being threatened by none other than Twitter itself. Read more →

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StumbleUpon Expands, Renames Ad Platform

StumbleUpon upgraded their advertising platform, launching two new ad options and renaming the service to StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. Read more →

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Rumours About Google Circles Social Network

Over the past few years, Google has bought networks such as Orkut and launched platforms such as Google Buzz and Google Wave, in order to compete with successful social networks. Rumours are now circulating that Google might attempt to try its hand at social media again. Read more →

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LinkedIn Today Delivers Social News Headlines

Popular professional networking site, LinkedIn, has recently launched a new service called LinkedIn Today. Read more →

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Is Google’s Mobile Paid Search Monopoly A Good Thing?

The increased use of mobile search has in turn led to the increase in the revenue generated by mobile paid search. Google dominates this space with a worryingly large market share. Read more →

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Grindr – World’s Most Popular Gay App – Now On Android

The extremely popular gay app, Grindr, has just been launched on Android. All users of the Android OS 2.1 and 2.2 with medium and high resolution screens will now be able to use this service. Read more →

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Facebook To Trial Movie Rental Service With Warner

The popular social media site, Facebook, could soon become an extremely popular movie rental site. They have tied up with Hollywood giant Warner Bros. to digitally rent movies through their site. Read more →

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Bing Launches Mobile & Desktop Deals

Bing has recently launched a new feature that facilitates local commerce via their mobile and desktop search services. The new feature is shown as ‘Deals’ in the Bing menu. Read more →

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Viruses Proliferate Mobile Web

Apps found on the Android Marketplace have been recently infected by hackers. It has been estimated that between 50,000 and 200,000 people have downloaded these infected apps. Read more →

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