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Facebook Forced To Review User Privacy

Over a period of time, Facebook has had to deal with a lot of problems regarding user privacy, and on Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) laid out specific rules for Facebook to follow in this regard. Read more →

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Google Hosts First Engage Event For Agencies In London

On Friday, 25th November,  Google organised the first ever Engage event for agencies in the UK. Their objective for this event was to help agencies help small businesses advertise online. This post summarises key topics covered at the event. Read more →

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Google Pushes Google+ At Expense Of Old Products

As Google’s social networking star, Google+ continues to grow and acquire interesting new features, older Google products continue to be axed, presumably to free-up resources to support their new favourite. Read more →

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Can Twitter Forecast The GOP Poll Results?

While several organisations conduct studies to predict poll results, the latest tool being used to do so is Twitter. Read more →

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Facebook Ticker To Include Sponsored Stories

Facebook has now decided to increase the scope of advertising on their website, by placing Sponsored Stories in their recently introduced News Ticker. Could this be the first step towards having Sponsored Stories show up in the main news feed? Read more →

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Google Music‏ – Hit Or Miss?

On Wednesday, Google launched an update to a service called ‘Google Music’ that was previously in beta. The service is now available to everyone in the United States and will allow users to upload, purchase, store, share and listen to music in digital form from any device. Read more →

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Internet Usage In South East Asia Surges

A recent report from Nielsen has indicated that Internet use in South East Asia is on the rise.  The study finds that not only is the internet growing in popularity but it is even out-shining the use of other traditional media channels such as TV radio and the print media. Read more →

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Mobile Retail Marketing To Reach $15 Billion

Mobile retail marketing has been gaining popularity and is set to grow even further. This has just been confirmed by a report from Juniper Research. Read more →

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Google+ Business Pages – Should You Care?

Google Plus, the social side of Google has recently opened up for business accounts. The new feature, known (unsurprisingly) as Google+ Pages, went live on Monday and the verdict on them is not very encouraging so far. Read more →

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Mobile Data Traffic Expected To Grow 10-Fold

Mobile data traffic is set to grow to ten times its current volume in the next five years, Ericsson has predicted . Read more →

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Google Offers App To Combat Groupon

Google Offers is now available as a mobile app for Android phones. The Google Mobile Blog describes this app as an app that will “allow users to discover, buy and redeem their favourite deals on the go.” Read more →

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Google Shows Ads At The Bottom Of SERPs

Google has announced, just this week, that they will now display ads at the bottom of the search engine results page. Read more →

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Mobile Search Ad Spend Increases

Marketers are now spending more on advertising in the mobile search sector than in the past. A lot of this growth is driven by the growth in surfing via tablet devices. Read more →

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