Most Powerful Brand In The World: Not Microsoft Nor Coca-Cola

Millward Brown’s BRANDZ annual ranking of the 100 most powerful brands in the world placed Google at the top the this year’s ranking.

The list released yesterday estimates Google‘s brand value at $66.4 Billion, placing it above GE ($61.8 Billion), Microsoft ($54.9 Billion) and Coca-Cola ($44.1 Billion). Brand value is the financial value of a brand, defined as the sum of all earnings that a brand is expected to generate.

Other interesting brands that made the cut included China Mobile (#5), Nokia (#12), Vodafone (#22), NTT DoCoMo (#23), Verizon Wireless (#34), Yahoo! (#42), eBay (#43), Motorola (#60), Orange (#67), Cingular Wireless (#70), Siemens (#71), T-Mobile (#77) and Amazon (#92).

Within Europe (including the UK), the ranking of the Top 10 Brands was as follows:

  1. Nokia ($31.7 Billion)
  2. BMW ($25.8 Billion)
  3. Louis Vuitton ($22.7 Billion)
  4. Vodafone ($21.1 Billion)
  5. SAP ($18.1 Billion)
  6. Mercedes ($17.8 Billion)
  7. HSBC ($17.5 Billion)
  8. Tesco ($16.6 Billion)
  9. Porsche ($13.4 Billion)
  10. Deutsche Bank ($13.2 Billion)
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