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Google AdWords Launches Two New Ad Types

Google has launched two new ad types in their AdWords service. The first is called AdWords Comparison Ads and the second is a feature called Ad Sitelinks. Read more →

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Google’s Reaction To Blog Monitoring By FTC

U.S. authorities have finally decided to do what many felt was long overdue. They are making it compulsory for bloggers to disclose that they are receiving remuneration in cash or kind for reviewing any product. Read more →

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Facebook Ads Out Perform Google

While it is true that in general that the effect of online ads on social networks is not quite as strong as the effect of online ads on search sites, it has been found that ads on Facebook have definitely begun to show very good results, even surpassing the performance of ads on search giant, Google. Read more →

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Advertising Within Phonecalls Highly Effective

Results of a study recently conducted by campaign measurement firm, Dynamic Logic, regarding the effectiveness of in-call advertising have just been released and are looking very positive for the new ad medium. Read more →

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Ad Impressions On Social Sites Grow

comScore has revealed that display ads on social networks accounted for more than 20% of the total number of online ad impressions in the USA during the month of June 2009 . Read more →

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AdWords Introduces Spreadsheet Editing

Yahoo! has allowed advertisers to submit changes to their accounts via a spreadsheet for over 3 years. Microsoft adCenter has also allowed simple bulk edits and spreadsheet uploads from the start. Google (sort of) caught up and has now made it easier for their clients to make changes to their AdWords accounts. Read more →

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Digg Ads Begin This Week

Digg had announced some time ago, that they would begin showing ads on their site shortly. They announced last week that they are now ready to start the beta version of Digg Ads this week. Read more →

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Layoffs At Google Radio Automation

Though the recession may be abating, it has certainly not ended as yet. Google is likely to layoff some more of their staff in the coming weeks. Read more →

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Google Ringback Advertising For Landlines And Mobile

It has been observed of late, that Google is moving into territory beyond their traditional frontiers. They launched Google Voice recently, which has more to do with the field of telecommunications than computers, and now, rather unsurprisingly, they are looking at these expansions as a means of generating more advertising revenue in future. Read more →

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Users To Decide Digg Ad Rates

Digg recently announced plans to set up a new advertising platform. This advertising platform will be different from ad offerings on other sites, as it will indirectly allow users to decide the price Digg will charge their advertisers for each ad. Read more →

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YouTube Testing Pre-Roll Ads

YouTube has now decided to launch their pre-roll ad service outside the U.S.A. As a first step towards achieving that goal, they have started trialling pre-roll ads on YouTube in the U.K. Read more →

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Mixx Debuts Ad Rating Service

The social book marking site Mixx has introduced a new service, called ‘the sifter’, which will enable “elite” members of Mixx to vote on five different ads of any format that an advertiser uploads, thus giving the advertisers an idea of which ad will be the most effective. Read more →

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Phorm Whips Up Privacy Storm

The new online technology used by Phorm has created quite a stir and has upset advocates of user privacy. All the negative publicity has the company up in arms and representative for Phorm (who has requested not to be named!) has replied to our original post. His feedback has been shared here. Read more →

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First Amazon, Now Google In Anti-Gay Row recently upset a lot of their gay clients by removing the sales rankings for several gay titles from their collection. Now, search giant Google is likely to find itself in the middle of the same contreversy due to a faux-pas that has been found on the AdWords system. Read more →

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Popular Brands Succumb To Sneaky Twitter Advertising

A number of popular brands have been recently caught paying for undercover publicity on Twitter. These brands are paying Twitter users, via the Magpie ad network, to tweet about their products. Read more →

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Google TV Ads Online

After having decided to discontinue print and radio ads earlier this year, Google is now considering the possibility of connecting its TV ads to their video site YouTube, in the hope of enticing advertisers to both these platforms. Read more →

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Google Blends Mobile Ads In Organic Results

While Google has always been very particular about differentiating ads from organic search results by placing ads only at the side of the search results page or in clearly marked slots at the top of the page, the Google Operating System blog recently found Google Mobile Search displaying short text ads in the middle of the search results page. Read more →

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Google Lifts Ban On Gambling In U.K.

With effect from 17th October, Google has decided to change their policy regarding paid search advertising for gaming and gambling sites in U.K. Read more →

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Internet Advertising On The Upswing

If forecasts made by various media communications companies are to be believed, the amount of money spent on internet advertising is poised to increase considerably. Read more →

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Intel + Yahoo! Innovate With Interactive TV

There is some good news, for those who cannot decide between watching their favorite TV program and surfing the World Wide Web. Connected TV, from Yahoo! enables users to access the Web on their television sets, while also continuing to watch their favorite TV show. Read more →

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