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Developments In South Korea’s Mobile Market

The South Korean Market for mobile and mobile search has been growing rapidly, and the players concerned are going all out to grab as large a share as they can. Read more →

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Google v Apple – The Battle Has Begun

Competition between Google and Apple is no longer subtle. The two tech giants have locked horns and are now battling for supremacy in a number of markets. Read more →

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Google-AdMob Deal Gets Federal Approval

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has recently given the green signal to Google for its planned acquisition of AdMob. Google will pay $750 million for this deal. Read more →

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Google Acquires AdMob

Google announced yesterday that they have signed an agreement to acquire the mobile display advertising company AdMob. Read more →

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AdMob Serves 100 Billionth Ad

Those who have long been predicting, that mobile advertising is the next big thing, have been right all along. Mobile ad network AdMob has now served over 100 billion ads; and this is by no means the saturation point! Read more →

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Mobile Ad Networks To Get Integrated With DoubleClick Mobile

DoubleClick Mobile, the group that offers advertising delivery systems for mobile phones, will now integrate with various other mobile ad networks including AdMob, Google AdSense for mobile content, Millenial Media’s premium MBrand network and Decktrade. Read more →

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Worldwide Mobile Advertising Metrics Released By AdMob

AdMob, one of the most popular mobile advertising platforms have released data about mobile advertising and network metrics based on approximately 1.5 billion ad impressions served during the month of September 2007. Read more →

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AdMob Launches Facebook Mobile Advertising

Facebook Platform for Mobile allows developers to build applications that integrate with Facebook via user profiles and canvas as well as through SMS. Application developers can now monetise their apps by including mobile advertising from AdMob. Read more →

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