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Opera Mini Brings Internet To Africa

Opera Mini is a proxy-based web browser for mobile phones, which compresses data down to as little as 10 per cent of its original size, allowing for a seamless browsing experience regardless of bandwidth. This tool has been extremely popular in Africa, where fixed broadband reaches only 0.3 per cent of the total population. Read more →

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It’s Been a Busy Week For Facebook…

It’s only Tuesday, but Facebook is already grabbing this week’s headlines for a number of reasons including developments in their offerings and data on Facebook usage. One of the biggest developments for Facebook has been the addition of a donate …

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Social Media Revenue Will Hit $30.1 Billion by 2017

As social media’s influence on our everyday life continues to grow, the total number of users will increase and subsequently the money spent on and revenue generated via these mediums will rise. Generator Research predict that the total number of users of social networks globally will reach 1.8 billion by the end of the year and that we will see an increase of 38% by 2017. This will see the total number of social media users hit 2.5 billion in 2017 . Read more →

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Facebook Limit Image Text in Promoted Posts

Some of Facebook’s rules are often perplexing and it is evident that they have never heard of the mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But it is nice that you can rely on their consistency and they have once again introduced an odd and seemingly unnecessary rule, which means that promoted posts will be disapproved if the image contains too much text. When recently attempting to promote a post with an image on the AccuraCast Facebook page, we received the message below.

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Do Social Networks Really Enrich Our Lives?

A recent study has revealed that social networks fail to enrich our lives, with the majority of posts being general updates on daily life and used in the promotion of products and services.

Social media usage has grown rapidly in recent years and now accounts for 18% of the time that we spend online. On average we use social networks for 6.9 hours each month and this is more than we have ever done in the past, so this begs the question of how much do social networks actually enrich our lives?

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How Brands Can Harness The Power Of Social Media

A recent study by comScore and Facebook has given insight into how brands can use social networks to connect with and influence consumers, using the case studies of a number of retail brands and their marketing efforts on the social networking site. Read more →

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Facebook Exchange is out of beta

Facebook ExchangeFacebook’s latest platform for purchasing and delivering ads is officially out of beta testing! Facebook Exchange (FBX) is a new way of purchasing ads, based on the concept of real time bidding and this means that display advertising space is sold one impression at a time.

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Facebook Test New Form of Advertising

Facebook adverts are key to the majority of social media campaigns, however as they become more popular newsfeeds are likely to become more cluttered and less effective. Read more →

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How Useful Are Facebook ‘Likes’?

The BBC recently conducted an investigation, the findings of which suggest that ‘Like’s on Facebook do not generate any substantial benefit to advertisers. Read more →

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Do Facebook And Twitter Cause Anxiety?

Social networks have been gaining increasing importance in ones daily life, and if a recent report is to be believed, it is not all for the better. Read more →

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Facebook To Develop A ‘Want’ Button?

Facebook has gradually been worming its way into all aspects of the lives of its users. It now seems that they also want to know what their users ‘want’ or desire. Read more →

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How Effective Are Facebook Ads?

Recently released reports seem to suggest that ads on Facebook are not really very effective for the advertisers. In other words, the Return on Investment is not as good as expected.

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Facebook Hires Entire Pieceable Team To Develop Mobile Apps

Facebook has just announced that they have hired the entire software team of Pieceable.

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Facebook Launches App Store

About a month ago, Facebook had announced that they would be launching their own app center. They have now actually launched the Facebook App Centre. Read more →

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Facebook Launches Mobile-Only Ads

One major department were Fcebook has been lagging behind so far is mobile advertising. They are now set to change that with the launch of a mobile-only ad service.

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Will Facebook Have Its Own Smartphone By 2013?

Apart from the fact that the recently launched Facebook IPO did not go as well as expected, the social networking giant is also struggling to better monetize its mobile sector.

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Facebook Facing Trouble With Shareholders

Even as the Facebook IPO failed to reach the dizzying heights it was expected to touch, its new shareholders have sued the company, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and underwriters Morgan Stanley and others.

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Facebook v Google – Online Advertising Battle

Now that Facebook is a public company, it will have to redouble its efforts to make profits and keep its shareholders happy. The best way for them to generate revenue is obviously through advertising, and so Facebook will have to make all efforts to attract advertisers to their site. Read more →

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Bing Redesigned For Social Search

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, was given a new facade last week. The change however, is not just visual, but functional as well. With this new design Microsoft hopes to be able to better incorporate social into their search engine. Read more →

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Why ‘Pay To Promote’ Posts On Facebook?

Facebook’s frantic quest to monetize everything it possibly can before the IPO is leading to some interesting and some downright surprising product announcements. The latest is a ‘Pay To Promote Post’ scheme that they introduced last week.

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