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Facebook Launches New Ads For Gamers‏

Following the announcement of their IPO, Facebook has been busy trying to monetise their website, in every way they can. They recently introduced ads within social games on the network and now they’re making this facility widely available. Read more →

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Mobile Gaming To Generate $18 Billion

A newly released report by Juniper Research predicts that revenue generated by mobile games is set to grow substantially in the next five years. Read more →

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Mobile Gaming Worth $6 Billion

Juniper Research has released the 6th edition of their report on the future of mobile games. The report predicts that the revenue earned from in-game purchases is set to rise substantially in the coming years, and it will overtake the revenue generated through the pay-per-download system of purchase on mobiles by 2013. Read more →

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Google Invests In Zynga – Prepares Google Games

A post recently published by TechCrunch says that Google recently invested a substantial amount of money in the social gaming site Zynga. Read more →

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The Terminator On Twitter

Soon to be launched movie, Terminator Salvation, has tapped into Twitter with a whole new concept for self promotion. Read more →

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Google Starts In-Game Advertising

Google has launched their in-game advertising service, through the AdSense platform. The launch was announced only last week, and will remain in beta for the present. Initially it will only be available to game publishers who have a minimum of 500,000 players per day. Read more →

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EA Launches Ad-Funded Games Online

Electronic arts (EA) the largest gaming company in the US, is set to change its strategy for marketing video games. They intend to launch a new version of the popular PC game Battlefield Heroes in the summer, but this version will not be on sale in any of the stores. It will be launched online and will be a free service. Read more →

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