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Unforeseen Dangers Of Social Networking

Those who invented applications like geo-tagging and timeline for the various social media services available to us surely never intended that these features should endanger the lives of people. Read more →

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Bing Checks Out The Local Social Market

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has recently added a new social networking app for their Windows Phone. The app is called ‘We’re In’. Read more →

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Yelp Continues To Grow In Spite Of Google Threat

Although Yelp is facing competition from the likes of Google, Groupon and LivingSocial, it continues to do well and grow in terms of the number of users and reviews posted on the site. Read more →

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Google Latitude Allows Place Checkins

Google Latitude, which started out about 2 years ago, lets users inform their friends and family about there geographic location. They have now gone a step further with the introduction of Place Checkins. Read more →

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3 Million Users On Foursquare

Location based service, Foursquare, recently crossed a new landmark, when they reached the 3 million user mark in the end of August. Read more →

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Facebook Places – Location Networking Service Launched

Facebook has launched it’s much anticipated location-based netwrking service last week. The service, called Facebook Places, has been rolled out to users in the U.S.A. only for now. The service will be made available in other countries soon. Read more →

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Location Based Ad Success Stories

Two recent press releases by a maps, traffic and location data provider revealed the results of two location-based ad campaigns conducted on a location-aware advertising network. Read more →

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Facebook Follows Twitter To Location Awareness

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that location-based features will be launched on the social network in the near future. Read more →

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Twitter Launches Places

Twitter has finally announced that the launch of their long-awaited geolocation service, in the form of a new feature known as Twitter Places. Read more →

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Google Launches Place Pages For Mobile

After the successful launch of Place Pages in conjunction with Google Maps, last fall, Google has now gone a step further and introduced Place Pages optimised for mobile handsets. Read more →

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Google Local Business Center Becomes Google Places

Last September, Google launched the Local Business Center to help business owners to reach out to a larger audience. They have now renamed the service ‘Google Places’ in an attempt to help users understand the connection between Google and the Local Business Center. Read more →

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Twitter Already Location Tagging

While speculation about the possibility of Facebook starting a location sharing feature in the near future is still just speculation, Twitter is already one step ahead of them. Read more →

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Facebook To Allow Location Sharing

The New York Times reports that Facebook is getting ready to allow location sharing between friends. Read more →

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Twitter Geolocation Service Due For Launch

So far it has been difficult to assess the geographic location from which a tweet originates, due to the unavailability of sophisticated apps required for the purpose. Twitter will soon launch a new feature to make this process simple. Read more →

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Ad Targeting Options From Yahoo!

Yahoo! Search Marketing has recently added some new features to help advertisers reach their target audiences. Better targeting will in turn mean more sales and more income, which means more value for the money, the advertiser spends on his campaign. Read more →

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Mobile Websites Can Include Geolocation Via Google API

Google launched a new tool, last week, known as the Gears Geolocation API. This tool will enable mobile and desktop users to detailed information about the area they are in, even if they do not know where they are and their mobiles are not GPS enabled. Read more →

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