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AdSense Publishers Can Search And Review Ads

Since the recent introduction of the new AdSense interface, Google has continued to improve the way the Ad Review Center works. The latest improvement allows publishers to search for ads targeting their site. Read more →

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Google Launches New DoubleClick Ad Exchange

While plain text ads are very popular on the Google Content Network and form a very important part of the AdWords online advertising platform, display ads still lag far behind in popularity. Google’s new Ad Exchange hopes to change this. Read more →

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Google Discontinues AdSense Video Ads

Following another round of product and performance reviews, Google has decided to shut down their video ads feature, just over a year after it was introduced. Read more →

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Google Profiling User Behaviour To Target Advertising

It has long been known that Google collects large volumes of data from all interactions users have with its various products, services and networks. They have now launched a new set of ad features, based on all the user data they collect, and are calling it ‘Interest-Based Advertising’. Read more →

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Google Launches AdSense For Mobile Search

Google has started an AdSense for Mobile Search service to lure more mobile network operators and mobile website owners. Read more →

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Mobile Ad Networks To Get Integrated With DoubleClick Mobile

DoubleClick Mobile, the group that offers advertising delivery systems for mobile phones, will now integrate with various other mobile ad networks including AdMob, Google AdSense for mobile content, Millenial Media’s premium MBrand network and Decktrade. Read more →

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Acts Of Desperation: Potential Google – Yahoo! Deal

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Yahoo! and Google are in talks to moved a step further, with regards to their search advertising deal. The 2-week test where Yahoo! Search results showed Google AdSense ads is supposedly looking so encouraging that both companies are already talking about extending the deal. Read more →

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Microsoft – Yahoo! Battle Gets Heated And Complicated

This was never going to be a straightforward acquisition and we all knew that. However, Microsoft’s bid to acquire Yahoo! has just turned more complicated with a whole new set of competing factions coming out of the woodwork. Google, AOL , News Corp. and Time Warner have all re-emerged as significant players. Read more →

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