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U.K. Cycle Maps By Google

Google has just launched a ‘Cycle Maps’ service for U.K. Read more →

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Finally! London Underground On Google Maps

Public transport routes in cities like New York and Chicago have been available on Google Maps for a long time now. This service has finally been extended to London. Read more →

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Google Hotpot Getting 1 Million Ratings Per Month

Google had introduced a new feature called Google Hotpot last November, through which users could rate and review the places which they had been to, along with the ratings of their friends. Recently published numbers indicate that the service is surprisingly popular. Read more →

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Swiss Court Clamps Down On Google Street View

The Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland has just passed a ruling against Google Street View. The order instructs Google to ensure that the privacy of all people captured by Google Street View in Switzerland is protected completely. Read more →

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Google Latitude Allows Place Checkins

Google Latitude, which started out about 2 years ago, lets users inform their friends and family about there geographic location. They have now gone a step further with the introduction of Place Checkins. Read more →

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Google Fans Attack German Homes

The recent launch of Google Street View in Germany has led to a new kind of problem for both, Google and residents who oppose Street View. Read more →

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Google Cooks Up Hotpot Of Local Search

Google has launched a new recommendation and rating tool galled Hotpot for Google Places, which is sure to give stiff competition to other local listings sites such as Yelp and Qype. Read more →

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Nicaraguan Invasion Blamed On Google Maps

It is an acknowledged fact that some of the borders shown on Google Maps are not very accurate. One such inaccuracy between the borders of Nicaragua and Costa Rica has led to a rather serious problem. Read more →

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Google Street View Found To Breach U.K. Law

Google’s problems surrounding the breach of privacy laws by Street View cars in the U.K. have not yet gone away. Following a recent inquiry into the matter, a letter from the U.K. Information Commissioner has said that Google has committed a “significant breach” of Data Protection Laws in U.K. Read more →

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Google Caught Snooping Wi-Fi Data

User privacy advocates will have a bonfire to roast Google on when this piece of news becomes generally known…

Google has admitted to German and Irish authorities that they have been “mistakenly” collecting information transmitted over unencrypted wi-fi networks over the last three years. Read more →

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Google Launches Place Pages For Mobile

After the successful launch of Place Pages in conjunction with Google Maps, last fall, Google has now gone a step further and introduced Place Pages optimised for mobile handsets. Read more →

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Google Launches Public Data Visualisation Tool

Almost exactly 3 years ago, in March 2007, Google acquired Gapminder’s Trendalyzer software. They have now put this technology to use and released it in the public domain. Read more →

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Google Creates Store Views (To Help Burglars?)

Not satisfied with the success and controversy raised by Street Views on Google Maps, the search engine is now rumoured to be in the process of developing a feature called Google Store Views. Read more →

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Google Real Estate Search In U.K.

According to reports from the Financial Times, Google is planning to start a property portal on their site by early 2010. Read more →

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Google Killing Directory Assistance Services

For the last several months now, Google has been displaying a 10-pack of local business listings along with regular search results for most queries that include a location element in them.  This has definitely affected the amount of traffic reaching local directories negatively. Read more →

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Google Real Estate Search Improves

Google has some good news for those on the lookout for a new home, office or other immovable property. Read more →

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Twitter On Top Of Mumbai Terrror Attack News

Even as the terrible attacks that are taking place in the financial capital of India, Mumbai (Bombay) started to unfold, users of Twitter in India started using the micro-blogging service to discuss the events as they happened. Other users wasted no time uploading pictures from the scenes of terror to their Flickr accounts. Read more →

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Live Search Maps Tries To Turn The Heat On Google

The Virtual Earth team at Microsoft has updated their platform and also added some interesting and useful new features to it in an attempt to improve the Live Search Maps offering and make it more competitive with Google Maps. Read more →

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Google Has The Best Maps

According to the results of a survey conducted by analysts, Cowen & Co., which were released on Monday, Google Maps has left its competitors far behind in the race. Read more →

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