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Google’s New Image Format – WebP

Over the last few months and indeed over the last few years, Google has been introducing new features and tools to help speed up and improve a website. However, the one area in which progress seems to have been deficient, is images.  Read more →

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Yahoo! Updates Image Search, Quality Better Than Google

Yahoo! recently overhauled the Yahoo! Image Search Preview page, with the intention of making it more interesting and user friendly for their clients. The result is a more modern feature that looks like a “Web 2.0” image gallery. Read more →

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Google Image Search Has Now Been Enhanced

Although Google Image Search is frequently used by people to illustrate their notes, presentations and documents, it is not always easy to find the perfect image. In an attempt to make it easier for their users to find the most appropriate image, Google has recently rolled out some new features. Read more →

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Visitors Can Now Digg Images

Digg has finally launched an image section where the URL of a submitted story is crawled to generate thumbnails. The new section of the popular social news site does away with uploading hyperlinks to images. Image bookmarking will also be a lot easier now. Read more →

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Yahoo! Image Search Mining User Search Data

Yahoo! Multimedia Search have added an interesting new feature to their Image Search product. This new feature comes in the form of an “explorer bar” at the bottom of the search results that provides alternative searches based on queries entered by other users who searched for the same keyword. Read more →

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SEO Tip: Links From Wikipedia Images

Lise Broer (a.k.a. Durova), a Wikipedia administrator, has written an article on Search Engine Land about how optimisers can get viral links from Wikipedia by uploading relevant images for use as illustrations alongside an article. Read more →

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