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Online Advertising And Video Popular With SMBs

A report from WebVisible shows that the average small business advertiser in the United States spent $2,126 in the 4th quarter of 2010 on online advertising. Read more →

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Facebook Tests Groupon Killer

Facebook will now be testing a new feature called ‘Buy With Friends’ that is likely to give serious competition to social buying site, Groupon. Read more →

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53 Billion Visits To Piracy Sites In 2010

Anti-fraud firm, MarkMonitor, recently carried out a study to estimate the extent of online piracy prevalent in society. The results were quite shocking, to say the least. Read more →

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Glasgow Subway Gets Wi-Fi, Could Bump Mobile Internet Use

Wi-fi services have just been made available, starting this week, on the Glasgow subway. This is the first sector of the British underground railway network to be equipped with mobile Internet connectivity. Read more →

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Stanford Homes To Get Ultra-High Speed Broadband

Google had announced a while ago, that they were planning to build and test ultra-high speed broadband networks for some select American communities. They are now ready to launch a beta of this ambitious project. Read more →

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Mobile Is The Best Route To Some Markets

A recent report on the Nielsen Blog indicates that the growth of the information and communications sectors is showing a changing trend across the world. This is especially true in countries with a growing middle-class population such as India, China, Russia, Bangladesh, Turkey and Egypt. Read more →

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Traffic Loss To The Times Due To Paywall

Following the trend started by some other publications, The Times of London has recently started the practice of using a paywall to prevent readers from accessing their online content for free. Read more →

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Canadian White Pages Dying Due To Search

The growth of the Internet in general, and online and mobile search, in particular, has just claimed another victim – the Canadian White Pages directory service. Read more →

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59% of Americans Use TV And Internet Together

A recent report from Nielsen Company has found that 35% more Americans now access the Internet while watching TV than a year ago. Read more →

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Google Building Experimental Broadband Network

Google has recently announced that they are planning to build a new experimental high speed broadband network across a few locations in the U.S.A. Read more →

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Google Docs Launches File Storage Facility

Over the next few weeks, Google will start rolling out a new feature to enhance the online file storage capacity on Google Docs. Read more →

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Google’s All For Making The Web Faster

Google has just introduced 2 new services that will help make the web faster for their clients. One of them is a tool for webmasters to monitor their website’s speed and the other is a public DNS service. Read more →

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Most Time Spent Online Is On Microsoft Sites

A new report from comScore measuring spent by users on various Internet sites found that Microsoft is way ahead of the pack. Read more →

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British Consumers Hooked To The Internet

The image the world has about the stiff upper lip of the British is changing. They have now become very interactive and sociable. According to a report released by, the average Britisher is now spending almost 30 hours a week online. Read more →

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Google Wave

Google is in the process of developing a new communication tool called Google Wave, which will help users to better collaborate and communicate with each other. Read more →

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Phorm Whips Up Privacy Storm

The new online technology used by Phorm has created quite a stir and has upset advocates of user privacy. All the negative publicity has the company up in arms and representative for Phorm (who has requested not to be named!) has replied to our original post. His feedback has been shared here. Read more →

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UK Government Plans To Monitor All Internet Use

U.K. police forces have asked all communications firms, including internet service providers and mobile phone companies, to keep records of all Internet contact between people. Read more →

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Are Employees Responsible For Content On Their Websites?

Four Google executives are facing criminal charges of defamation and privacy violation in Italy due to a video that was displayed on YouTube. Read more →

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Young People Abandoning Email And TV

Change, they say, is the only constant. This seems to apply to the findings of studies conducted on the modes of entertainment pursued by youngsters – teenagers in particular – today. Read more →

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Google About To Push The Pedal On Gdrive

Stories about the launch of Google’s online data storage solution, dubbed GDrive, have started appearing in the tech press once again. According to various sources the GDrive should finally be launched in 2009. Read more →

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