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Defective And Malicious Apps Pose A Serious Threat

The success of mobile apps has soared in recent years, largely as a result of the advent of the smartphone and the equally meteoric rise of the iPhone. The phrase “there’s an app for that” has become a common phrase in our everyday vocabulary and is today more likely to be said than “there’s a website that can…” and this is reinforced by the fact that mobile apps now have penetration rates of more than 50% in many developed markets. Read more →

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Google’s New Mobile Assistant Is On Her Way

It is being widely speculated that Google is working on launching a new product that would rival Apple’s Siri, which is available on the iPhone 4S. This product is likely to be called ‘Google Assistant’. Read more →

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50% Of UK Mobile Customers Own Smartphones

25 Million UK consumers are estimated to own smartphone devices, accounting for 51% of the total mobile market and nearly 10 percent of all Internet traffic. Read more →

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Android Users Most Educated, iPhone Users Least Into Music

The latest State of The Mobile Web report from Opera focuses on the habits of users of different mobile operating systems. The study finds that users of different operating systems have different mobile browsing habits. Read more →

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Apple’s Siri Could Upset Google’s Cart

Apple is expected to release the latest version of their mobile handset, the iPhone 5 soon, and it is believed that they will introduce some new features with it. Of particular note, is the fact that they are expected to add voice recognition services to this handset. Read more →

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Mobile Data Usage Increases In Inverse Proportion To Cost

Reports released by various analytic companies have revealed that the consumption of data through smartphones has been increasing rapidly. However, the cost of this data usage has been going down. Read more →

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Gender Greatly Influences Content Of Tweets

Until recently, no one had studied how the gender of a user determined the subject of their tweets on the popular social network, Twitter. Read more →

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Mums Turn To Smartphones For Shopping

It is a well known fact that women in general and moms in particular have to attend to a variety of tasks all at once. The advent of smartphones has made their lives a little bit easier. Read more →

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No Surprises: App Usage Highest On iOS And Android

The growing number of smartphones has inevitably led to an increased usage of mobile apps, and this in turn will increase the opportunity for revenue generation. Read more →

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Mobile Music Industry Hits The Right Notes

A study conducted by Juniper Research has indicated that by 2015, the mobile music industry will be worth $55.5 billion. Read more →

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Android Favoured For Phones

Google’s Android Operating System has been given the thumbs up by many hardware manufacturers. In fact, it is widely believed that Android will be the most popular operating system for phones and tablet PCs in the near future. Read more →

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Google Mobile Updates Search, Latitude

Following the updates made to the Google Web search results interface, Google has also updated the mobile search results pages. Read more →

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Google Launches Place Pages For Mobile

After the successful launch of Place Pages in conjunction with Google Maps, last fall, Google has now gone a step further and introduced Place Pages optimised for mobile handsets. Read more →

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Will Apple Put Bing On iPhone?

With the recent release of Google’s smartphone, the Nexus One, their relationship with Apple seems to be changing. The competition that the Nexus One provides to the iPhone is causing some friction between the two companies.As a result, Apple might sever ties with Google and find a new provider for search on the iPhone. Read more →

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1 Billion Mobile Internet Users By 2010

Analysts at IDC have made some predictions about the growth of the mobile Internet, based on usage data currently available. Not surprisingly, mobile Web browsing is big! Read more →

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Tesco To Sell iPhones

After the end of O2′s exclusive deal to sell the Apple iPhone, several players have entered the market, and supermarket brand Tesco is one of the operators hoping to cash in on the device’s popularity. Read more →

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Vodaphone And Orange U.K. Get iPhone

When the iPhone was first launched in the U.K. in 2007, its manufacturer Apple, made a deal with service provider O2 through which, O2 had exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the U.K. Obviously this monopoly proved very good for business, but the deal which was for a period of two years has now ended. Read more →

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SmartPhone Market Share April 2009

A report comparing the respective market share of SmartPhones by operating system, as against the market share of the mobile web and application usage during the month of April 2009 has recently been released by AdMob. Read more →

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Google Still Top Global Brand

Brandz Top 100, a list of the world’s 100 most valuable brands, has recently been compiled for 2009 by Millward Brown a leading research company, which is a subsidiary of the WPP group. Read more →

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Innovative Uses Of The iPhone – Cheating

The latest misuse of technology to have been discovered seems to be an iPhone and iPod Touch application that allows blackjack players to count cards. Read more →

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