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Google Offers App To Combat Groupon

Google Offers is now available as a mobile app for Android phones. The Google Mobile Blog describes this app as an app that will “allow users to discover, buy and redeem their favourite deals on the go.” Read more →

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Google Android Apps Blocked In China

First they blocked Google search, driving the world’s most popular search engine out of the country, now the Chinese authorities seem to have set their sights on Google Android. Read more →

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In-App Billing For Android Apps

Mobile payments have become the hottest topic of the month. Orange first announced their offering in the UK. Google followed suit with the announcement of a partnership with Mastercard and now another announcement about the launch of In-app Billing for the Android market. Read more →

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Grindr – World’s Most Popular Gay App – Now On Android

The extremely popular gay app, Grindr, has just been launched on Android. All users of the Android OS 2.1 and 2.2 with medium and high resolution screens will now be able to use this service. Read more →

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Bing Hopes To Reinvent Mobile App Market

Having made a minor dent in the search market, Microsoft now hopes to be able to gain a larger share in the mobile search market. In order to do this they have decided to change the way people use the mobile Internet by refining the number of apps that are used by consumers.

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Video Ads On Android

Admob, Google’s mobile advertising unit, has just announced the availability of interactive video ads on Google’s Android mobile operating system. Read more →

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Google To Work With PayPal

For some time now, there have been rumours about a possible partnership between Google and PayPal to enable payment of Android Apps. Read more →

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$8 Billion Spend Predicted For In-App Mobile Advertising

The number of mobile apps available is increasing rapidly, and so is the amount of money being spent on the delivery of in-app mobile ads. Read more →

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Best Buy Installing Google Mobile App

Google has managed to convince one of the largest electronics retailers in the USA to promote their mobile search application. Best Buy Mobile representatives will now offer their customers the option to get the Google Mobile App installed for free on smartphones that are bought in their retail outlets. Read more →

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Vodafone’s New Mobile Internet Services

Mobile service provider Vodafone has recently announced a lot of interesting new services that will encourage the growth of new generation mobile Internet applications. This will be made possible by providing service developers with a single access point to Vodafone’s customers worldwide. Read more →

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Skype On More Mobile Handsets

Only recently, there had been a great deal of speculation, about whether eBay was interested in selling their VoIP service, Skype. These stories have been put to rest for now with eBay announcing a partnership between Skype and the largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia. Read more →

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Google Latitude Ushers New Era In Mobile Social Activity

Google Latitude, the latest service from the UK’s favourite brand, was launched this week. Users can find out where their friends and contacts are and can send and receive status messages via their mobile handsets. Read more →

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Google Loses Wireless Spectrum Auction To Verizon

Verizon turned out to be the biggest spender at the recently concluded 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction, out-bidding even Google. They spent an estimated $9.6 billion to buy over a large chunk of the spectrum that was auctioned by the FCC. Read more →

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