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Is Google’s Mobile Paid Search Monopoly A Good Thing?

The increased use of mobile search has in turn led to the increase in the revenue generated by mobile paid search. Google dominates this space with a worryingly large market share. Read more →

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Google-AdMob Deal Gets Federal Approval

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has recently given the green signal to Google for its planned acquisition of AdMob. Google will pay $750 million for this deal. Read more →

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Google Announces Nexus One

Google has confirmed the launch of the Nexus One mobile phone at a press event held at their Mountain View headquarters on 5 January 2010. The phone will be available to buy and use immediately, direct from their website. Read more →

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Is Mobile Marketing Heading For Trouble?

Even though the number of mobile Web users has been increasing steadily over the years and marketers have pitched every year as “the year of the mobile”, mobile marketing now seems to be facing some serious hurdles. Read more →

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Google Acquires AdMob

Google announced yesterday that they have signed an agreement to acquire the mobile display advertising company AdMob. Read more →

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Google Launches Go Mobile! Site

Google AdWords recently launched a new resource to help marketers reach mobile Internet audiences more easily. This service is called Go Mobile! Read more →

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Yahoo! Makes Search Ads Mobile

With the number of mobile web users increasing at such a great speed, it definitely makes good business sense for Internet service providers to start serving up ads on mobile phones, and that is exactly what Yahoo! has already started doing. Read more →

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Google Shares Mobile Search Volumes For The First Time

Google’s new keyword tool, currently in beta has a lot of good new features – integration with other tools, filtering options and categorisation – but the best feature is almost un-noticeable: The ability to see stats for mobile searches. Read more →

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Mobile And Social Network Advertising Predicted To Grow

According to the results of recent studies conducted by Forrester Research, mobile advertising and social network advertising are set to grow at a phenomenal rate in the USA. Read more →

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Jumptap Launches tapMatch Mobile Ad Platform

A new mobile advertising service called tapMatch has just been launched by mobile ad solutions provider, Jumptap. tapMatch offers pay per click mobile advertising. Read more →

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Motorola Making Android Social Phone

Handset manufacturer, Motorola looks set to make their first Android Smart Social phone. They have already appointed about 350 employees to do this. They have also placed ads in various publications to recruit software engineers for their Interactive Design Team. Read more →

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Google Leads The Way For Mobile Search

Figures released by comScore have revealed that mobile search has grown in leaps and bounds over the last year. Google, expectedly, is the leader in mobile search services and has more than 60% market share in all the countries where the survey was conducted. Read more →

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Google-Verizon To Form Partnership?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google and Verizon are believed to be negotiating a deal together. If the deal comes through, Google would be the default search engine on Verizon’s network. If all goes well, this facility could even be extended to Verizon’s Web portal and FiOS TV service at a later stage. Read more →

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Google Tests Ads On YouTube Mobile

After having successfully launched YouTube on mobile phones last January, parent company, Google, has started testing display ads on certain selected pages on YouTube mobile, in the U.S.A. and Japan. Read more →

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Mobile Ad Market In Japan Flying High

The Japanese mobile advertising market is growing extremely quickly. Mobile advertising in Japan is set to cross the billion dollar mark by the end of this year itself. Read more →

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Microsoft Enhances Mobile Advertising Offering

Microsoft is enhancing its mobile advertising platform at long last. An announcement to this effect was made last week, at the online advertising leadership forum, advance08. Read more →

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Mobile Ad Networks To Get Integrated With DoubleClick Mobile

DoubleClick Mobile, the group that offers advertising delivery systems for mobile phones, will now integrate with various other mobile ad networks including AdMob, Google AdSense for mobile content, Millenial Media’s premium MBrand network and Decktrade. Read more →

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Google Offers Banner Advertising On Mobile

Google has just announced some progress on the mobile ad front. They have started displaying banner ads on mobiles. Advertisers who use Google’s AdWords service will be able to choose between displaying plain text or banner ads to mobile Internet users. Read more →

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