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Mobile Search Advertising Set To Exceed $16 Billion

The proportion of the population now using their phones to browse the internet has risen at an extraordinary rate. In fact, according to Nielsen, Americans now spend more time browsing the web using mobile devices than they do on their desktop computers. Read more →

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84% Smartphone Shoppers Use Mobile In Store

Google’s Shopper Marketing Council recently conducted extensive research into “how in-store shoppers are using their mobile devices”, in order to discover how mobile’s can be used to supplement the physical shopping experience. Read more →

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Mobile Search And Discovery To Touch $15 Billion By 2017

Juniper Research has released their report on the future of Mobile Search and Discovery. The findings of the report suggest that the future for this sector is bright. Read more →

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Mobile Search Ad Spend Up 150%

As the world continues to get better connected, due to the availability of smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets, it is important for advertisers to realise that consumers tend to interact more and more with various brands and ads on their mobile devices. Read more →

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Mobile Apps Being Used To Discover Cities

The development of mobile apps is now being used to help people discover things about cities. Read more →

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Finally! London Underground On Google Maps

Public transport routes in cities like New York and Chicago have been available on Google Maps for a long time now. This service has finally been extended to London. Read more →

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Mobile Shopping Catches On In The U.K.

It has been reported by The British Retail Consortium that mobile retail searches in the country are on the rise. Read more →

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Apple’s Siri Could Upset Google’s Cart

Apple is expected to release the latest version of their mobile handset, the iPhone 5 soon, and it is believed that they will introduce some new features with it. Of particular note, is the fact that they are expected to add voice recognition services to this handset. Read more →

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Travel Queries Through Mobile On The Rise

In addition to the growing popularity of the use of mobile handsets for entertainment and photography, they are also increasingly used to make enquiries regarding travel and tourism. Read more →

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Is Google’s Mobile Paid Search Monopoly A Good Thing?

The increased use of mobile search has in turn led to the increase in the revenue generated by mobile paid search. Google dominates this space with a worryingly large market share. Read more →

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Bing Launches Mobile & Desktop Deals

Bing has recently launched a new feature that facilitates local commerce via their mobile and desktop search services. The new feature is shown as ‘Deals’ in the Bing menu. Read more →

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SMS Top US Mobile Activity In 2010

Several advances took place with regards to mobile phones in the U.S. in 2010. However, sending text messages remained the top mobile activity for the year that was pegged to be yet another “year of mobile”. Read more →

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Google Guns For Mobile In 2011

Since mobile search has been growing at such a phenomenal rate, it is only a matter of time before mobile paid search follows suit. 2011 is predicted to be the year, for this to happen, and for once, it actually may be true. Read more →

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Mobile Search – An Opportunity For SMEs

Reports released by Econsultancy for the second and third quarter of 2010 show that Google has clearly overtaken Bing as far as mobile search is concerned. SMEs were found to be most likely to benefit from developments in mobile search. Read more →

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Android Most Popular On New Mobiles

Data released by the Nielsen Company for the month of August indicates that Android has grown to be the most popular operating system among U.S. consumer who bought smartphones in the last six months. Read more →

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Microsoft Struggles To Gain In Mobile Search

Although Microsoft is doing quite well for itself in the desktop search market, they are still struggling to improve their position in the mobile search market. Read more →

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Voice Search Is The Future

While Google’s Android Operating System is giving the Apple iPhone a run for its money, Google has already started concentrating on voice search, which is likely to be the next “big thing”. Read more →

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U.S. Mobile Searches Grow 90%

MobiLens, a service of comScore, has just released a report on the growth of mobile applications and browser content. According to their findings, social networking has seen the largest amount of growth in both mobile as well as browser access. Read more →

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Mobile Local Search To Reach 1.5 Billion Users By 2014

Juniper Research predicts that mobile local search will be used by almost 1.5 billion people by 2014. Read more →

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Google Mobile Updates Search, Latitude

Following the updates made to the Google Web search results interface, Google has also updated the mobile search results pages. Read more →

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