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Does Facebook Refer More Traffic Than StumbleUpon?

As most major social networks continue to grow in popularity, the amount of referral traffic being generated by them also grows. According to reports from several sites referral traffic from social networks is growing steadily. So which network sends the most traffic? Read more →

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Social Media Sites Not Regarded Highly

Foresee Results and the American Customer Satisfaction Index, have recently conducted a study to find out how customers in the U.S. feel about various social media sites. Read more →

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Facebook And StumbleUpon Drive Most Social Traffic

According to statistics released by analytics firm, StatCounter, Facebook has retained its place as the largest source of traffic from social media to global websites in March 2010. Read more →

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Is Mobile Marketing Heading For Trouble?

Even though the number of mobile Web users has been increasing steadily over the years and marketers have pitched every year as “the year of the mobile”, mobile marketing now seems to be facing some serious hurdles. Read more →

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Social Web Dominated By Women

Women, today, seem to be taking the lead over men in a lot of technical. Only recently it was found that working moms are the real power users of mobile phones.

The latest statistics, collected by Brian Solis of Google Ad Planner, and published on Information is Beautiful, show that women also dominate the social web. Read more →

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Ad Impressions On Social Sites Grow

comScore has revealed that display ads on social networks accounted for more than 20% of the total number of online ad impressions in the USA during the month of June 2009 . Read more →

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Facebook Dominates US And Worldwide

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, announced this week that the site has now overtaken MySpace to become the top social network in the USA. Read more →

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Yahoo! Tops Mobile Search Site Benchmark

Growth in mobile Internet access and the number of users perform search operations on their mobile phones has prompted dotMobi and Gomez Inc. to create the world’s first Mobile Web Benchmark Series, to rank the leading mobile sites with regards to their efficiency for customer operations. Read more →

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Where Do People Go From Twitter?

It has long been felt that people go downstream to Twitter from sites such as Google and Facebook. However, a recent post from analytics firm Hitwise, shows that the reverse is also true. Read more →

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Speculation About Google Ending MySpace Relationship

If speculative reports from analysts at Barclay’s are to be believed, Google may soon decide to end their search monetisation deal with MySpace. Read more →

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AOL Rumoured To Sell Bebo

The latest rumors doing the rounds are that AOL may be planning to sell Bebo for about $200 million, less than a year after it acquired the social network for $850 million. Read more →

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Facebook To Connect With Other Sites

Facebook recently announced that they will make it possible for users who have signed in on Facebook to access other sites without having to sign in again. Read more →

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Social Media Activity Costing Businesses

Studies conducted over the last four years have shown that the usage of social media sites at the workplace has been steadily increasing. Unfortunately the use of these applications has been causing a lot of avoidable expenditure to companies. Read more →

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Facebook Largest Social Network And Fastest Growing

A survey of social networks conducted recently by comScore has shown that Facebook is now the largest social network in the world, after having overtaken rival network MySpace. Read more →

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MySpace And Facebook Yet To Succeed In Japan

The two largest social networks, MySpace and Facebook, which have become a steady part of youth culture in the West, are yet to make waves in Japan. Read more →

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Facebook To Be Redesigned

Last year, social network Facebook opened itself up to third party applications developers. Due to this move, they have been facing a problem – the user profile page, which used to be neat and clean is now very cluttered, and looks similar to that of their competitor, MySpace. Read more →

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YouTube Continues To Lead Online Video Market

A survey run by traffic analysts, Hitwise, reveals that YouTube not only continues to lead the online video market, but has actually increased its market share, from 59.95% last May to 75.43% in May 2008. That is about 26% better than their performance last year. Read more →

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Facebook Races Ahead Of MySpace

The results of a worldwide survey, conducted by comScore, are out, and they show that for the first time ever, Facebook has raced ahead of MySpace, in the number of unique visitors both sites had in the month of May. Read more →

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Yahoo! Plans To Push Open Strategy Across The Board

Yahoo!’s Chief technology Officer, Ari Balogh and Chief Architect of Platforms, Neal Sample, have announced at the Web 2.0 Expo held in San Francisco on 25th April, that Yahoo! will shortly launch a program called Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS) and will open up SearchMonkey in private beta. Read more →

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Top Social Media Sites In The UK – Jan 2008

Nielsen Online has ranked the most popular and fastest growing social media websites in the U.K., based on studies conducted between Jan 2007 and Jan 2008. Facebook has overtaken Bebo and MySpace to become the most popular social network, but it is not the fastest growing social media site. Read more →

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