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UK Search Spend Up 19%

Search spend in has increased year-on-year by 14% in the USA and 19% in the UK, according to a new report on the state of digital marketing. Read more →

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Microsoft And Yahoo! Search Alliance Creeps Forward In UK

The Microsoft – Yahoo! search alliance has been functional in the U.S. for some time, and they now intend to expand ad testing to Europe as well. Read more →

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Google Introduces Targeting By Topic On Display Network

Advertisers on Google Adwords, have been using contextual ad placement targeting for a long time now. Google has now added a new way for them to do so. Read more →

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Google Website Optimiser Vulnerability Opens Sites To Hackers

Users of Google Website Optimiser were sent an email this week from the Google engineering team regarding a serious security issue in Website Optimiser. Read more →

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Google Abandons Agency Support

Google AdWords’ Dublin support team sent out an email to their agency partners, yesterday, stating that dedicated account management support for agencies will be stopped in the new year. Read more →

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Microsoft And Yahoo! Search Allies In UK

The Microsoft and Yahoo! Search alliance which has taken off in the U.S. and Canada is now preparing to make its way over to Europe. Read more →

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Quasi-CPA Bidding From Google AdWords

Google has introduced a new tool, known as Enhanced CPC, which will help AdWords advertisers who don’t qualify for full CPA bidding to get better ROI by reducing the cost per conversion on their advertising campaigns. Read more →

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Skype Launches Click To Call Ads

Skype has recently introduced a new service which will help advertisers to gain more customers. Read more →

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AdWords Do Not Infringe Trademark Law – EU

The keywords used by some companies to advertise on Google AdWords have led to a controversy regarding trademark laws. Read more →

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BP Invests In Google AdWords To Protect Brand Reputation

Following the recent oil spill that occurred in the Gulf Of Mexico, BP, the company responsible for the disaster, has been working hard not only to clear up the mess created, but also to save face. Read more →

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Yahoo! Reports Changes In Search Behaviour

A white paper released by scientists from Yahoo! Labs sheds light on the changes in search user behaviour. Read more →

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AdWords Agency Qualification Changes

Google has just announced some changes in the requirements to qualify as an approved advertising agency on the Google AdWords platform. Read more →

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Google AdWords Launches Remarketing

Google has announced that they have opened up availability of a new feature called remarketing, which was previously being tested by a limited group of advertisers. Read more →

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Introducing The Yahoo! And Microsoft Search Alliance

Yahoo! and Microsoft, who have been in talks regarding a search alliance for some time now, have recently received regulatory clearance for the same. Read more →

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Microsoft Users Click More

Data released by advertising network Chitika should be of great interest to online marketers and advertisers. Their research revealed that Microsoft users tend to click more on ads than users of other operating systems, search engines and browsers. Read more →

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AdSense Publishers Can Search And Review Ads

Since the recent introduction of the new AdSense interface, Google has continued to improve the way the Ad Review Center works. The latest improvement allows publishers to search for ads targeting their site. Read more →

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Google AdWords Launches Two New Ad Types

Google has launched two new ad types in their AdWords service. The first is called AdWords Comparison Ads and the second is a feature called Ad Sitelinks. Read more →

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AdWords Introduces Spreadsheet Editing

Yahoo! has allowed advertisers to submit changes to their accounts via a spreadsheet for over 3 years. Microsoft adCenter has also allowed simple bulk edits and spreadsheet uploads from the start. Google (sort of) caught up and has now made it easier for their clients to make changes to their AdWords accounts. Read more →

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PPC Click Fraud Drops

Data recently released by Click Forensics reveals that click fraud has reduced in the second quarter of 2009. Read more →

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Bing Drives SEM Expenditure On Microsoft adCenter

Early indicators show that Microsoft’s new decision engine ‘Bing’ is indeed helping Microsoft to establish a better position in the Search Engine Market. Read more →

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