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Facebook Click Fraud

Even though the global recession may be coming to an end, it seems rather unrealistic for a company to project revenues for 2009 at nearly double the value of 2008. Yet, that is exactly what Facebook is doing. They are targeting revenue of $550 million this year, while last years revenue was $280 million. Read more →

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AdWords UK Stops Accepting Switch Cards

In a rather inexplicable move, Google UK has sent out an email to AdWords advertisers that they will stop accepting payments via Switch cards. Read more →

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Users To Decide Digg Ad Rates

Digg recently announced plans to set up a new advertising platform. This advertising platform will be different from ad offerings on other sites, as it will indirectly allow users to decide the price Digg will charge their advertisers for each ad. Read more →

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Jumptap Launches tapMatch Mobile Ad Platform

A new mobile advertising service called tapMatch has just been launched by mobile ad solutions provider, Jumptap. tapMatch offers pay per click mobile advertising. Read more →

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Expandable Ads On Google

Google announced the beta test launch of a new ad format called Expandable Ads just two days ago. As the name clearly suggests, these ads can expand up to twice the size of the original ad to allow brands to provide a more interactive advertising experience. Read more →

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Yahoo! Launches New Ad Targeting Products

Following closely on the heels of Rich Ads, last week, Yahoo! has launched three new products that will further help their online advertisers to better reach their target audience and get better value for the money they spend on advertising. Read more →

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More Ads Above Organic Results On Live Search

Live Search results used to have three mainline ad positions above the organic results in the past. This has now been increased to four mainline ad positions on the search engine results pages in the U.K, which means some users will not see any organic results without scrolling. Read more →

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Google Testing New AdWords Interface In UK

Back in November 2008, Google started testing a new user interface for their AdWords system. The new interface will now be rolled out to a limited number of UK advertisers on 10 February 2009. Read more →

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Regular AdWords Ads Now On iPhone And G1

Google AdWords has recently started allowing advertisers to display their regular desktop text and image ads on the iPhone, G1, T-mobile and other mobiles with full (HTML) Internet Browsers. Read more →

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Automatic Matching Introduced In Google AdWords Accounts

Google AdWords has been testing a new match type, called automatic matching since this summer. The number of accounts trialling this feature has been expanded recently so that Google can earn more money during the looming recession. Read more →

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Google – Yahoo! Ad Deal Will Never Take Off

In June this year, Google and Yahoo! had announced a paid search deal, which had raised a lot of eyebrows and objections. The deal has now been officially called off due to opposition from government anti-trust officials. Read more →

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Google Reporting Separate Metrics For Search Partners

Google AdWords recently announced a change in the way campaign summaries and Ad Group summaries will show click metrics in the future. AdWords will now separately show Google search performance and aggregate performance of the Search Partners, which includes AOL, and several other search sites. Read more →

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Google Launches Banner Design Tool

Google launched a new tool today that allows customers to create professional-looking display ads for their products and services on their own, without having to spend money hiring the services of a professional designer. Read more →

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Google Starts In-Game Advertising

Google has launched their in-game advertising service, through the AdSense platform. The launch was announced only last week, and will remain in beta for the present. Initially it will only be available to game publishers who have a minimum of 500,000 players per day. Read more →

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Google Tries to Explain Their Deal With Yahoo!

The Google–Yahoo! deal has ruffled the feathers of several advertisers and publishers. In an attempt to try and smoothen things Google has launched a ‘facts site’ and a presentation consisting of 17 slides, which try to explain the significance of this deal. Read more →

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Google AdWords Scraps Minimum Bid Requirement

Google is introducing changes to the Quality Score metric used to determine the position of AdWords ads. The new system will calculate Quality Score live, at the time of the search query, replace minimum bid requirements with ‘first page bids’ and will no longer mark keywords as ‘inactive for search’. Read more →

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What Is Google’s Insights For Search Good For?

After the success of Google Trends, the search giant has now launched a new tool, called ‘Google Insights For Search‘. This tool is similar to Trends, but shows rising searches in relation to other terms, geographic location and time periods. Read more →

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Google’s DoubleClick To Provide Ads For Microsoft Silverlight

DoubleClick has announced that they are now ready with the technology to serve video ads into Microsoft Silverlight 2 video environments. This move will help their clients to better monetise their advertising inventory, by delivering the content directly to online videos, and mobile channels. Read more →

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Live Search Comes To Facebook

Microsoft and Facebook have reportedly come to an agreement and signed a deal that will bring Microsoft’s Live Search and Advertising operations to Facebook. Read more →

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AdWords Combines Keyword And Placement Targeting

Google announced changes to their AdWords platform yesterday. A new advanced content network option has been added to all advertiser accounts that allows advertisers to target both keywords and site placements within the same campaign and ad group. Read more →

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