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Paid Search Travel Ads Prior To “Sunshine Saturday”

It is expected that this Saturday will be the busiest day of the year in terms of holiday bookings, with the 11th of January being dubbed “Sunshine Saturday”. Evidently this offers a huge opportunity to travel agents and it is …

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A Quick Look at PPC ads on Christmas Eve

Christmas Day is less than 24 hours away, so we thought it might be a good time to take a look into who is advertising for the search term “Christmas Gifts” on Google. Analysing the ads appearing at this stage …

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Seasonal Advertising: An Analysis of Halloween PPC Ads

Halloween is almost upon us and for many people this means two things, a Halloween fancy dress party and the need for an awesome costume to match. For many costume and fancy dress retailers this is their busiest and most profitable period of the year, so there is a lot of competition for advertising space. Advertisers are charged with creating compelling and unique messages and therefore analysing Halloween could provide great insight into creating effective ads.

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Google Rolling Out Estimated Conversions Feature

In order to give advertisers better insight into conversions that occur across devices and browsers, Google introduced a new metric, called Estimated Conversions, on October 1st. This feature will soon be available to AdWords users across the globe, providing that they use conversion tracking.  Read more →

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Planning your PPC Campaigns for the Winter Period

Now that Summer is out of the way, the Autumn and Winter period and all the events that are a part of it are set to begin. But this begs the question of how soon is too soon when it comes to planning your PPC campaigns to ensure that they are primed for Halloween, Christmas, New Year and any other events in between. Read more →

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Google Testing Many Per Click Conversion Optimiser

The only problem is that Google has not informed advertisers that they may have been opted into this Beta test. The issue was discovered when attempting to make bulk edits to a campaign that had been opted in, as it was not possible to bulk edit the target CPA. Read more →

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Tablet Sales Continue to Soar, but What Does This Mean for PPC?

The number of tablets sold each year has risen rapidly in recent years and a number of milestones have been met and broken, such as a record number of devices being activated on Christmas Day last year. In 2012 the total number of tablets sold rose by a staggering 78.4% and total sales are expected to reach 190 million units by the end of the year, so it’s safe to say that the popularity of tablets will continue to grow at breakneck speeds. Read more →

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Last Minute PPC for Valentine’s Day

If you have yet to make any PPC plans for this Valentines Day then fear not, as there are millions of men, and even women, out there who are equally as unprepared. Although this may seem like a lot of effort at this late stage, Google have predicted that Valentine’s Day sales will reach a whopping $18.6 billion and a fair amount of this will be spent over the next few days. Therefore it is time to act and develop your last minute PPC campaign!  Read more →

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Be Imaginative In Your Remarketing

If your initial PPC efforts have failed to lead to a conversion, then remarketing gives you the opportunity for redemption and you should certainly use this chance wisely. If you choose to simply offer a standard remarketing ad to all those who have visited your site within the past 30 days, then you are making a huge mistake. Read more →

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Microsoft adCenter is now Bing Ads

Microsoft adCenter has changed! It was announced this week, that the online advertising network has become Bing Ads and this move comes as part of a wider re-branding initiative. Read more →

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Is Your Mobile Campaign Plagued by Fraudulent Clicks?

On the surface it may appear that your mobile advertising campaign is achieving a degree of success, with a high number of clicks for your ads. However many mobile marketers will be surprised to find that a staggering 40% of all mobile clicks are accidental or fraudulent, with this percentage of clicks being completely useless and having a minute 0.1% conversion rate. Read more →

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Google Ads Include ‘Trusted Stores’ Badge

Google launched the ‘Trusted Stores’ programme about six months ago to help shoppers identify trusted online retailers. They are now testing this service as a means of indicating quality on search results by including the ‘Trusted Stores’ badge on paid search ads.

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Online Search Ads Drive 6x Retail Sales

A recent study has found that online search ads drive not only online sales but offline sales as well. Read more →

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UK Search Spend Up 19%

Search spend in has increased year-on-year by 14% in the USA and 19% in the UK, according to a new report on the state of digital marketing. Read more →

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Microsoft And Yahoo! Search Alliance Creeps Forward In UK

The Microsoft – Yahoo! search alliance has been functional in the U.S. for some time, and they now intend to expand ad testing to Europe as well. Read more →

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Google Hosts First Engage Event For Agencies In London

On Friday, 25th November,  Google organised the first ever Engage event for agencies in the UK. Their objective for this event was to help agencies help small businesses advertise online. This post summarises key topics covered at the event. Read more →

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YouTube Promoted Video Pricing Changes

A growing number of advertisers are using promoted videos as a means of driving traffic to video content on YouTube. So far ,this feature was charged on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) basis, but soon these ads will be charged on a Cost-Per-View (CPV) basis.

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Google Introduces Targeting By Topic On Display Network

Advertisers on Google Adwords, have been using contextual ad placement targeting for a long time now. Google has now added a new way for them to do so. Read more →

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Google Website Optimiser Vulnerability Opens Sites To Hackers

Users of Google Website Optimiser were sent an email this week from the Google engineering team regarding a serious security issue in Website Optimiser. Read more →

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Tracking Call Metrics On AdWords

Ad agencies have long believed that AdWords not only helps drive online sales, but also sales and lead generation over the phone. Google has finally released a feature that will help advertising agencies  to prove this. Read more →

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