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Google+ Business Pages – Should You Care?

Google Plus, the social side of Google has recently opened up for business accounts. The new feature, known (unsurprisingly) as Google+ Pages, went live on Monday and the verdict on them is not very encouraging so far. Read more →

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Google Shows Ads At The Bottom Of SERPs

Google has announced, just this week, that they will now display ads at the bottom of the search engine results page. Read more →

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Google Trends In Google Search

With millions of users all over the world using Google search everyday, certain topics are bound to be very popular or ‘Hot’ among searchers at any given point of time. Google will now inform users about the popularity of such topics when a user searches for them. Read more →

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Yahoo! Updates Image Search, Quality Better Than Google

Yahoo! recently overhauled the Yahoo! Image Search Preview page, with the intention of making it more interesting and user friendly for their clients. The result is a more modern feature that looks like a “Web 2.0” image gallery. Read more →

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Yahoo! Integrates Facebook Into SERPs

Yahoo! does seem to be back in the headlines, and not just because of Microsoft’s continued flirtations. In order to attract more users to their search service, Yahoo! has recently started adding fancy Facebook links via SearchMonkey on the search results. Read more →

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Rich Media Ads On Yahoo! Search Results

Yahoo! Search Marketing has announced the addition of video ads, image ads and custom links within search ads on their search results pages. The service, called Rich Ads, is currently available to a few of their advertisers. Read more →

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Google Showing 2 Videos On Single Listing

Google seems to be capitalising on its results pages real estate by now showing two video listings side-by-side in the space normally occupied by a single search result. Read more →

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First Page Listings On Google Even More Important

A study conducted by Jupiter Research in April 2008, proves quite conclusively that the number of users who looked at only the first few results or the first page of search engine results increased between 2002 and 2008, while those looking at the second, third or further pages reduced in number. Read more →

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Yahoo! Glue Mimics Ask Universal Search

Yahoo! India has launched a new feature last week known as ‘Glue’ pages. They are special pages with attached visual inputs alongside the regular search results, that show up for specific types of searches. Read more →

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