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Twitter Receives $300 Million Bounty

Popular microblogging site, Twitter, has received an investment of $300 million from an Arab Prince. Read more →

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StumbleUpon Re-branded & Redesigned

Over 17 million visitors go to every month. The social media site, which allows users to randomly explore the Web, has just been re-branded and updated with several new features. Read more →

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Can Twitter Forecast The GOP Poll Results?

While several organisations conduct studies to predict poll results, the latest tool being used to do so is Twitter. Read more →

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Google Music‏ – Hit Or Miss?

On Wednesday, Google launched an update to a service called ‘Google Music’ that was previously in beta. The service is now available to everyone in the United States and will allow users to upload, purchase, store, share and listen to music in digital form from any device. Read more →

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Google+ Business Pages – Should You Care?

Google Plus, the social side of Google has recently opened up for business accounts. The new feature, known (unsurprisingly) as Google+ Pages, went live on Monday and the verdict on them is not very encouraging so far. Read more →

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The New Delicious: Tastier Or Just Bland?

Once popular social bookmarking website, Delicious, was shut down a while ago after Yahoo! sold it to Avos Systems, a company created by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. The site is now back, with a new, revamped look. Read more →

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Google Discards Social Failures For +1

Google recently announced that they will shortly discontinue a number of projects and integrate some with other existing or newly introduced projects. This is being done with a view to “simplify matters for users and to improve the over all Google experience”. Read more →

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Can Social Media Be Blamed For The U.K. Riots?

The prime minister of the U.K. David Cameron, has issued a statement that the government is considering banning social media sites, due to the current riots in the country. Read more →

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Mobile Apps Being Used To Discover Cities

The development of mobile apps is now being used to help people discover things about cities. Read more →

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How The Internet Affects The England Riots

England has been at the centre of a public outcry in the form of riots since the last few days. The effect that the Internet has had on these riots is two-fold. Read more →

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Google Launches Photovine

For quite some time now, there had been rumours and speculation about a new Google project called Photovine. The project has finally been launched and it is a social image-sharing app for smartphones. Read more →

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Gender Greatly Influences Content Of Tweets

Until recently, no one had studied how the gender of a user determined the subject of their tweets on the popular social network, Twitter. Read more →

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Teenagers Consume More Mobile & Social Media

According to a recent report, kids and teenagers today use the various media available to them in a very different way from what other age groups do. Read more →

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Google Launches +1 Button. Webmasters React: “Meh!”

Google has once again tried to break into the social market, this time by launching the much talked-about +1 button. Not quite surprisingly, the launch was devoid of the usual fanfare accompanying a Google product launch and the results so far might give a clue why. Read more →

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Twitter Paving The Way For Privacy Law Reform

Twitter is once again the source of breaking news in the UK, except this time the story revolves around protecting / invading the privacy of a local footballer. Read more →

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Cancer Charity To Correct Wikipedia Information

Wikipedia is known to be one of the most informative sites on a wide range of subjects, it has severe limitations and drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks of this site is that anyone can contribute to it on any topic. Due to this, the information is often incomplete or even incorrect. This can be especially dangerous, when someone is searching for information on a serious topic like cancer. Read more →

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Over 50% Of Music Recommendations Deemed Inaccurate

With the constant burgeoning of new music bands and music sites, it is not easy for users to find the music which they want. A recent study has attempted to measure how successful music recommendation sites are at helping users discover good new tunes. Read more →

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Is Facebook A Better Social Commerce Platform Than Twitter?

A recent study has attempted to place a dollar value on each social share. Facebook out performs Twitter in terms of the net worth of each share on the network. Read more →

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StumbleUpon Expands, Renames Ad Platform

StumbleUpon upgraded their advertising platform, launching two new ad options and renaming the service to StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. Read more →

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