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Facebook Overhauls Advertising And Brand Pages

Facebook has announced that they will soon launch a range of new services including a facility to allow advertisers to place ads on mobiles and in their main homepage news feed. This will be the first time that ads will be seen in the main content section of the popular social network or on their mobile service. Read more →

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Nielsen Brings Market Intelligence To Facebook

Facebook and Nielsen are teaming up to provide a new service to marketers on the popular social networking site. Nielsen will make use of their vast marketing experience to help marketers reach all Facebook users more effectively. Read more →

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Facebook Ads Out Perform Google

While it is true that in general that the effect of online ads on social networks is not quite as strong as the effect of online ads on search sites, it has been found that ads on Facebook have definitely begun to show very good results, even surpassing the performance of ads on search giant, Google. Read more →

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Ad Impressions On Social Sites Grow

comScore has revealed that display ads on social networks accounted for more than 20% of the total number of online ad impressions in the USA during the month of June 2009 . Read more →

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Research Confirms Online Advertising Drives Offline Sales

Online advertising is no longer meant only for online marketers. More and more studies are showing that online advertising can be beneficial for offline sales as well. Read more →

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Why Facebook Failed To Takeover Twitter

During a recent interview with Business Week, Facebook’s Director and one of its largest investors, Peter Thiel, publicly confirmed for the first time that Facebook and Twitter had been in serious talks with each other but the deal failed over disagreements regarding price and structure. Read more →

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Twitter Testing Ads Within Streams?

Users of Twitter have revealed to TechCrunch that they have come across ads displayed within the twitter feeds during this past week, just after some breaks were reported in the continuity of their services. Read more →

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