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How Useful Are Facebook ‘Likes’?

The BBC recently conducted an investigation, the findings of which suggest that ‘Like’s on Facebook do not generate any substantial benefit to advertisers. Read more →

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Do Facebook And Twitter Cause Anxiety?

Social networks have been gaining increasing importance in ones daily life, and if a recent report is to be believed, it is not all for the better. Read more →

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Does Facebook Refer More Traffic Than StumbleUpon?

As most major social networks continue to grow in popularity, the amount of referral traffic being generated by them also grows. According to reports from several sites referral traffic from social networks is growing steadily. So which network sends the most traffic? Read more →

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Will The IPO Change Facebook?

Facebook has finally filed for an IPO with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. What will this mean for the users of the world’s most popular social network? Read more →

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Social Networking Most Popular Online Activity

A recent report from comScore highlights the fact that social networking is today the most popular activity, worldwide on the Internet.  Read more →

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Google+ Still Showing Huge Growth

Google’s social network, Google+, which launched publicly only last July has surprised everyone by continuing to sustain its growth spurt. Read more →

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Microsoft Launches New Social Network

Microsoft has just rolled out a new social networking site that experiments with the concept of social search and specifically targets students. Read more →

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Facebook Forced To Review User Privacy

Over a period of time, Facebook has had to deal with a lot of problems regarding user privacy, and on Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) laid out specific rules for Facebook to follow in this regard. Read more →

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Google Pushes Google+ At Expense Of Old Products

As Google’s social networking star, Google+ continues to grow and acquire interesting new features, older Google products continue to be axed, presumably to free-up resources to support their new favourite. Read more →

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Facebook Pushing Messenger‏ On Android

Facebook launched a stand-alone messenger app for smartphones a few months ago. Users of iPhone and Android devices can use this app to message not only their Facebook friends but also any of their mobile contacts. Facebook is now actively pushing this app to users. Read more →

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LinkedIn Copies Facebook Page Updates

LinkedIn, the popular social networking site for professionals, allows users to follow the progress and developments of companies they are interested in. A new feature has now been introduced that allows companies to post status updates to their followers. Read more →

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Facebook Timeline’s Potential To Embarrass Users

Facebook announced a number of new features at the f8 conference last week. While most of them are very good and improve the overall experience, users need to be very careful with the new auto-share feature. Read more →

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Facebook Evolves Profiles Into Timeline

Facebook, it seems, is determined to maintain its position as the number one social network. Keeping this in mind, they are set to make some drastic changes to their format soon. Read more →

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Facebook, A Daily Ritual For Half Of U.K. Users

It has been revealed that half of U.K.’s Facebook users log in to the popular social network on a daily basis. Read more →

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Facebook Subscribe Button Imitates Google+ Circles

Facebook has just introduced a new feature in the form of a subscribe button. Read more →

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Google +1 Button Turns Social

Users of Google Search and Google Profiles have been using the +1 Button for some time now, to help recommend content to others. Google has now announced some improvements to this button, to make this process of content recommendation more social. Read more →

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London Commuters Now Subject To Public Voyeurism

While security concerns have made the use of CCTV cameras to keep watch over commuters on the London Underground a very common occurrence, individual users have also now started taking photos of other commuters privately to add to a number of websites. Read more →

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Facebook Changes Privacy Settings To Keep Up With Google+

Facebook has decided to introduce a new set of privacy settings for users. These new settings are just modifications of the earlier privacy settings mechanism, making it easier for users to make changes that they would like to incorporate. Read more →

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Bing Checks Out The Local Social Market

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has recently added a new social networking app for their Windows Phone. The app is called ‘We’re In’. Read more →

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Facebook Mobile Usage Stats

Facebook claims to have a user base of about 750 million. Of this, an estimated that 250 million users access Facebook via mobile devices. Read more →

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