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Social Media Revenue Will Hit $30.1 Billion by 2017

As social media’s influence on our everyday life continues to grow, the total number of users will increase and subsequently the money spent on and revenue generated via these mediums will rise. Generator Research predict that the total number of users of social networks globally will reach 1.8 billion by the end of the year and that we will see an increase of 38% by 2017. This will see the total number of social media users hit 2.5 billion in 2017 . Read more →

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Do Social Networks Really Enrich Our Lives?

A recent study has revealed that social networks fail to enrich our lives, with the majority of posts being general updates on daily life and used in the promotion of products and services.

Social media usage has grown rapidly in recent years and now accounts for 18% of the time that we spend online. On average we use social networks for 6.9 hours each month and this is more than we have ever done in the past, so this begs the question of how much do social networks actually enrich our lives?

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Do Facebook And Twitter Cause Anxiety?

Social networks have been gaining increasing importance in ones daily life, and if a recent report is to be believed, it is not all for the better. Read more →

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Twitter activity during Euro 2012

One of the most appealing aspects of Twitter is the ability for real-time interaction and this often leads to an increased volume of tweets during TV shows, concerts and most commonly sporting events. Read more →

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Twitter Expands Its Tweets

The popular microblogging site Twitter has recently launched a new version of ‘Expanded Tweets’. Read more →

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Verified Accounts For Celebrities On Facebook

Facebook has just launched a new service that will verify the accounts of celebrities. Read more →

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Does Facebook Refer More Traffic Than StumbleUpon?

As most major social networks continue to grow in popularity, the amount of referral traffic being generated by them also grows. According to reports from several sites referral traffic from social networks is growing steadily. So which network sends the most traffic? Read more →

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Social Networking Most Popular Online Activity

A recent report from comScore highlights the fact that social networking is today the most popular activity, worldwide on the Internet.  Read more →

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The Most Popular Mobile Websites Of 2011

Opera Software has recently released their last report for the year 2011,  ranking the 10 most popular websites on mobile. Read more →

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Twitter Receives $300 Million Bounty

Popular microblogging site, Twitter, has received an investment of $300 million from an Arab Prince. Read more →

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Google Pushes Google+ At Expense Of Old Products

As Google’s social networking star, Google+ continues to grow and acquire interesting new features, older Google products continue to be axed, presumably to free-up resources to support their new favourite. Read more →

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Can Twitter Forecast The GOP Poll Results?

While several organisations conduct studies to predict poll results, the latest tool being used to do so is Twitter. Read more →

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Facebook Ticker To Include Sponsored Stories

Facebook has now decided to increase the scope of advertising on their website, by placing Sponsored Stories in their recently introduced News Ticker. Could this be the first step towards having Sponsored Stories show up in the main news feed? Read more →

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Facebook Subscribe Button Imitates Google+ Circles

Facebook has just introduced a new feature in the form of a subscribe button. Read more →

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Are Facebook And The Internet More Important Than Toilets?

A study conducted by the Science Museum in London has revealed that the Internet and Facebook rank higher than basic necessities in a list of fifty things that the British public said they cannot do without. Read more →

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Can Social Media Be Blamed For The U.K. Riots?

The prime minister of the U.K. David Cameron, has issued a statement that the government is considering banning social media sites, due to the current riots in the country. Read more →

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How The Internet Affects The England Riots

England has been at the centre of a public outcry in the form of riots since the last few days. The effect that the Internet has had on these riots is two-fold. Read more →

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Facebook Plugins Used The Most Often

The enterprise SEO Platform BrightEdge has started a SocialShare Site Analysis which will provide monthly reports about the presence and penetration of social sharing tools across the 10,000 most popular websites in the world. Read more →

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Facebook Overtakes Microsoft UK

There seems to be a lot of ambivalence on the status of Facebook. Different analysts have shown different sides to the same story. However, data from UKOM/Nielsen has revealed that Facebook has overtaken Microsoft in the U.K. Read more →

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Gender Greatly Influences Content Of Tweets

Until recently, no one had studied how the gender of a user determined the subject of their tweets on the popular social network, Twitter. Read more →

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