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The Most Popular Mobile Websites Of 2011

Opera Software has recently released their last report for the year 2011,  ranking the 10 most popular websites on mobile. Read more →

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Cancer Charity To Correct Wikipedia Information

Wikipedia is known to be one of the most informative sites on a wide range of subjects, it has severe limitations and drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks of this site is that anyone can contribute to it on any topic. Due to this, the information is often incomplete or even incorrect. This can be especially dangerous, when someone is searching for information on a serious topic like cancer. Read more →

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Social Media Sites Not Regarded Highly

Foresee Results and the American Customer Satisfaction Index, have recently conducted a study to find out how customers in the U.S. feel about various social media sites. Read more →

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Is Wikipedia Dying Like DMOZ Did?

Wikipedia’s amazing growth rate seems to have taken a sudden downturn. Scientists at the Palo Alto Research Center have found that the reason behind this seems to be similar to the problem that brought down the once popular DMOZ directory. Read more →

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Should Wikipedia Introduce Flagged Revisions?

The recent appearance of false reports on Wikipedia about the deaths of U.S. senators Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd during the inaugural lunch has started a serious debate on whether or not edits by unknown users should be edited by trusted editors. Read more →

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Wikipedia Censorship Annoys Users

The majority of Internet service providers in the U.K. have blocked a page on Wikipedia that showed a picture of a nude teenage girl. Read more →

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Twitter On Top Of Mumbai Terrror Attack News

Even as the terrible attacks that are taking place in the financial capital of India, Mumbai (Bombay) started to unfold, users of Twitter in India started using the micro-blogging service to discuss the events as they happened. Other users wasted no time uploading pictures from the scenes of terror to their Flickr accounts. Read more →

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Microsoft Live Search Gets Semantic Query Processing

Microsoft has now integrated Powerset into the Live Search platform, since last month. The Redmond-based software giant is believed to have paid $100 million for Powerset’s semantic search capabilities in an attempt to improve their position in the search engine market after the failed attempt to acquire Yahoo! earlier in the year. Read more →

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Google To Spread Knowledge Through Knols

Google launched project Knol last week. A Knol, according to Google, is a unit of knowledge. Knols are articles on any given subject, written by someone who is an expert on that subject. Google Knol is destined to be compared with and perhaps compete against Wikipedia. Read more →

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Google and Wikipedia Off Limits For Brighton Uni Students

In this day and age, it is astounding to read that a lecturer, Prof. Tara Brabazon, from the university of Brighton, has banned her students from using websites such as Google and Wikipedia to conduct their research. Read more →

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Google’s New Project, Knol, Takes On Wikipedia

Knol is the latest project undertaken by Google. Based on the lines of Wikipedia, Hubpages and Squidoo, it is being viewed as Google’s way of capitalising on Wikipedia’s original idea of a user-generated information hub and at the same time stopping its traffic from flowing into Wikipedia. Read more →

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SEO Tip: Links From Wikipedia Images

Lise Broer (a.k.a. Durova), a Wikipedia administrator, has written an article on Search Engine Land about how optimisers can get viral links from Wikipedia by uploading relevant images for use as illustrations alongside an article. Read more →

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Reliability of Wikipedia Information Questionable

Ryan Jordan, a 24-year old college student from Kentucky used the nickname Essjay on Wikipedia. In his profile he posed as professor of religion at a private university and in this capacity he edited articles and was given the authority to arbitrate disputes between authors and remove site vandalism. Read more →

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