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Some industries are just plain boring. Content marketers dread having to work with clients in those industries and publishers struggle to keep their audiences interested. The manufacturing sector, fortunately, isn’t one of those. Opportunities for content marketing in the manufacturing industry abound. You only need to know the right places to look.

Manufacturing processes can be fascinating

How balloon ends are rolled up

Simple images of engineering and factory automation can be fascinating, almost mesmerising for lay-persons. These images can be discussed on and shared from a manufacturing company’s blog to reach a wider audience.

How toothbrushes are made

Posts with such animated gifs have been shared tens of thousands of times via popular blogs such as and Huffington Post. Manufacturers can use their own material to develop exciting content and so long as it’s packaged in an interesting format and pitched to the right places, it is likely to attract a lot of attention.

Always the first to know

LG Mobile launch announcement

Unlike the blogs and newspapers that get this information second hand, manufacturers are the first to know about any product development, new product launches and feature releases.

From a content marketing point of view, this means that the manufacturers will always be the first source of any new content and can therefore ensure they get the maximum credit for the information they put out, so long as they device their PR and outreach activities effectively.

So much innovation

GM robots manufacture trucks

Content marketing is most effective when the content itself is new, unique and interesting. The innovation and ingenuity that goes into even the most mundane manufacturing processes can feed multiple content marketing campaigns with little additional effort.

Promoting the innovation not only yields a lot of branding and backlinks to the site, which greatly help SEO efforts, but also yields a more direct benfit – increased sales as more consumers consume the content and in turn become aware of the product.

No stock photography needed

Bad stock photo

Possibly the best thing about content marketing for your own products is that you don’t need to rely on photoshopping stock images of plastic-faced models holding up products with a fake smile or false look of surprise on their faces!

Manufacturers have the advantage of having direct access to their products and often to consumers who buy those products. These assets can and should be leveraged to develop real images of real people using their products, which will always have a wider appeal than a stock photo.

There are many ways to build great content and transform your company’s brand and product image in the minds of consumers, in order to drive more sales. The great thing is that most of these activities will also have a direct, tangible benefit on your SEO and help increase your organic search visibility.

If you’re in the manufacturing sector and need help with content marketing or SEO, get in touch and we’d be happy to share some of our ideas with you.