Google Conversion Rates Lower Than AOL, MSN, Yahoo!

By February 22, 2006June 9th, 2020No Comments

WebSideStory released a study showing the conversion rate stats across their many clients for the leading search engines. Surprisingly, the results placed Google at the bottom of the pack, with conversion rates lower than AOL, MSN and Yahoo!

Search Engine Conversion Rates

AOL traffic6.17%
MSN traffic6.03%
Yahoo traffic4.07%
Google traffic3.83%

Studying Our Conversion Rate Results

At AccuraCast, we conducted a smaller-scale study across some of our UK small and medium enterprise customers and found the results were not very different:

Ask traffic4.17%
MSN traffic3.79%
Yahoo! traffic3.39%
Google traffic3.33%
AOL traffic2.81%
AltaVista traffic2.63%

One possible explanation of Google’s lower conversion rate could be that Google offers much higher volumes of searchers and more results – the combined effect of which statistically leads to lower conversion rates. Another possibility is that searchers often use Google as an information resource and are not always looking to make a purchase – which would lead to more visitors who do not intend to buy.