Twitter Rolls Out Contributors For Businesses

By December 16, 20092 Comments

For a while now, Twitter has been planning to monetise their site and has been working towards that goal.

While they want to keep it a free service for all ordinary users, they do want to monetise the businesses that have been effectively using Twitter as a convenient means of communication with their clients.

They have already mentioned offering specialised premium accounts to these businesses. Recently, Twitter has launched a new feature in beta. This feature is called ‘Contributors’.

This service will better allow businesses to manage several of their contributors through a single account. The username of the contributor will be attached to the byline of the tweet sent out by the business, thus making the interaction between the business and the client more personalized.

For instance, if Twitter co-founder Biz Stone were invited to tweet on behalf of Twitter, then the tweet from @Twitter would include his username @Biz, in the byline, to let users know the people in the organisation which they are dealing with.

This feature will be available on the Web as well as on APIs and it will further enhance existing Twitter business apps such as CoTweet and HootSuite.

Contributors is still in the developmental stages and hence it has not yet been made available to all. It is currently being tried out by a few businesses and will be rolled out to all others after it has been fine tuned.


  • Jimmy says:

    Its an intereting idea but I am not sure how effective this will be when there are 3rd part yapps that allow you to log in and manage so many aspects of your account and also to manage more than one account at once. There are also some very powerful apps for managing followers which still make churning viable without getting banned.

    If twitter wants to do this effectivly they might need to stop the access of 3rd party apps which would stop a lot of people from interacting in they way they currently do.

    One solution to the above would be an official twitter app with some paid features…. It will be interesting to see where this goes.