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Delicious Might Be Cut Off From Yahoo!

By December 22, 20102 Comments

A document which was leaked recently, has started quite a flutter among users of the book marking site Delicious.

The said document has indicated that several sites belonging to Yahoo! including Delicious, Buzz, AltaVista etc. are likely to be shut down in due course, while some other sites are likely to be merged.

While Yahoo! has neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the document, Chief Product Officer Blake Irving has threatened to fire the person who leaked it. That statement seems to confirm its authenticity.

The Delicious Blog has tried to reassure users by stating that while Delicious has not fitted in very well at Yahoo! the site will not be shut down. Rather, they will be looking for an ‘Ideal Home’ outside of Yahoo!

They have also asked users not to panic regarding eventual loss of their data. However, those who so desire can make use of alternative services available, to store their data. Several of these sites also have links with Delicious.

The said document is believed to have been leaked by an employee after Yahoo! confirmed that they will soon be firing over 500 employees.

While shutting down or merging certain sites may help Yahoo! to save on expenses, it may send out negative signals to users, thus doing more harm than good.