Google Caffeine Readying For Launch

By January 4, 201010 Comments

While everyone has been talking about how Google is integrating more and more real time search results with the help of sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, there is the less visible algorithm that powers search results, which Google has been working on making more real time.

Google has been working on the new method of indexing their search results for a while now, and many SEO professionals are well aware of the upcoming update, code named “Caffeine“. Representatives from Google have maintained that the Caffeine update wouldn’t go live before 2010.

2010 is here, now. The search engine has already been testing Caffeine in one of their data centres since last summer, and it may be rolled out very soon.

In fact, there are some bloggers who claim that they have already noticed faster search results.

As far as most users are concerned, the official launch of Caffeine will not make much difference to the search results, as Caffeine is more of a behind-the-scenes worker. There will be no visual changes in the search results.

Only the overall speed with which the search results are received is expected to change for the better. This factor will be especially useful in searches for photos and videos.

A study of Google Caffeine conducted by an SEO firm found that it will give more importance to news and social media for generic search terms, but specific keywords will show more regular websites on the subject. In general, they found that search rankings are not very likely to change, except for some websites, which may not have updated their content for a very long time. It will, therefore, be beneficial for websites to remain up-to-date and refresh their content regularly once the Caffeine update is launched.


  • Colin Hall says:

    Before Christmas I was seeing almost immediate updates of sites such as hubpages and Recently all this has calmed down and the refresh time seems to have been calmed to within 24 hrs.

  • Het says:

    Is there any official announcement from google about launching date of Caffeine

  • UK Shopping says:

    i expect Google caffeine to roll out on 1st Jan but it’s yet not launched.

  • Florida says:


    I have seen Google Caffeine at work.

    I have a SEO friend who has a nice website that isn’t spam that ranked in major keyword terms very well that woke up today and said my site is gone for these major key terms.

    I feel Google Caffeine is not going to be good for us Internet Marketers (SEO). Consider this a warning and watch out for the new Google Caffeine because it is already here.

    This is a new web error and all of us that have a business that is based off the internet need to get our websites right in order to stay in business.

    With this being said and seeing what Google Caffeine can do I give it a rank of 2 out of 10.

    Thank You,

    Coby Hunt

  • cm2010 says:

    INHO Caffeine is not functional yet, althought many bloggers and forums think otherwise. Besides, an official annouce shoud be made…

  • TONY DUNG says:

    Google Caffeine Readying For Launch: … Facebook and MySpace, there is the less visible algorithm that powers search

  • TONY DUNG says:

    google caffeine verry good search engine, but I do not time to update ?

  • Ben Lambert says:

    Anyone else think that Caffeine algorithm kicked in today? I’ve seen large variants in key phrase rankings since last week.

  • Colin Hall says:

    I think Ben’s right. I’ve been seeing a lot more direct update social media entries going straight into number 1 spot.

  • ajisdlvinder1985 says:

    I really waiting for Google Caffeine ,since I need a better search engine.