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Google Maps Gets New Logo

Google Maps Gets New Logo

Localisation and personalisation have been Google’s mantra for 2007. Google personalised home rebranded to iGoogle and got its own logo in May. Localised results with mini-maps made their way into the organic search results page as far back as November last year. And now Google Maps has got its own new logo.

Google Maps' New Logo
This is not a joke. The actual Google maps page in the UK (maps.google.co.uk) currently sports this logo. Though, Google Maps US still uses the old logo.

Google is loved for the “fun” image it has cultivated. Employees at the search giant are known for their sense of humour. They often change their logo to mark special occasions such as Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and even off-beat occasions such as Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday, Persian New Year, Earth day and Bloomsday.

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Many of those one-off logos, though, seem to be better thought-out than the new Google Maps logo!