Live Search Cashback Now On eBay

By June 24, 20084 Comments

Only last month Microsoft Live Search had announced “cashback” programme for its customers. They have now tied up with eBay to offer this facility to their customers.

All products having a ‘Buy it Now’ price on eBay, ranging from jewelry to electronics, will be eligible for a certain amount of refund, thus helping clients to save some money.

The purchases will have to be routed through Paypal, and the percentage of cash back, could be as high as 35%. The offer will be valid for up to 3 purchases, and a maximum of $250, will be paid as cash back.

There will however be some differences between this and other cash back schemes:

  • All eBay ads will display a cashback icon
  • Clients can go directly into the advertiser’s (eBay) website, instead of going through Live Search
  • The cashback icon will be visible all the time that the client is shopping on eBay, which is a good reminder for the client, and Live Search would like to follow this method with other advertisers if possible.

Live Search will continue to make modifications in this system, based on the feedback they get from customers and advertisers.

There are 2 ways to implement these cash back schemes:

Destination site experience- here users, study a particular product category, and then go to a Live Search cashback ad, in order to get the best deal available.

Direct to merchant experience- here the advertisers ads will directly show the cashback icon (gleam). When the customers click on the icon they are directly taken to the advertisers site.

Both of the above schemes are still to be fine-tuned, in order to achieve the best results in the simplest manner and the Live Search team is eagerly looking for customer feedback to achieve this.


  • cashback says:

    There are many cashback site around offering cashback for eBay. I tend to use cashbackbay because live search is only for the US. Another US cashback i found is rewardlover who also has eBay.

  • Anon says:

    I tried to sign up to livesearch cashback but they don’t offer the service to the UK :(. Maybe they might expand in the future.

  • John Harry says:

    The is a really good offering from livesearch but i found another site which i have been using quiet often called I compared the cashback rates and on some offers they pay more than live so its always worth checking around before you buy for example rewardlover pays out 50% cashback for eBay. And cashout level is only $10 which they pay you by Paypal or Amazon e-vouchers. Plus they give you $1 for joining.

  • sparker0480 says:

    This cashback programme is great! Many customers will surely love this.