Size Of The Online Gaming Market

The worldwide online gaming market has cross the 200 million user mark in 2007. This represents a growth of 16.5% as compared to the overall Internet population that grew 9.4% during the year ending May 2007.

Data from comScore indicates that 28%, that is almost one of three Internet users plays games online. The most popular online gaming site worldwide is Yahoo! Games (52.8 million users), followed not too far behind by MSN Games (40.3 million users). Interestingly, MSN Games usage has increased 15%, whilst Yahoo! Games dropped 0.3% since May 2006, indicating that MSN could soon overtake Yahoo!

Europe accounts for 28.9% of the worldwide Internet population and 30.6% of the online gaming population. The number of online gamers in the Asia-Pacific region is 65.2 million, making it the second largest market, not far behind Europe’s 66.4 million gamers.

The most popular onling gaming destinations in Europe are:

PropertyTotal Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet Audience222,924
Online Gaming66,371
1MSN Games13,833
4Yahoo! Games8,607
6EA Online5,663 Sites4,818
8WildTangent Network3,615
9RealArcade Sites2,934

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