The recently popular campaign to prevent gay teen suicide, “It Gets Better” has been used in a new TV ad promoting the Google Chrome Browser.

This is the first nationally broadcast television ad for the Chrome browser. It is a 91-second ad and was aired during the popular US television series, Glee.

Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Digg users have been sharing the video widely since its release just 3 days ago, generating almost half a million views on YouTube and a lot of discussion for and against it.

This isn’t the first time that Google has shown a definite pro-gay bias. They were pretty vocal about their stance on gay marriage too, when Proposition 8 was up for debate in California. However, this is the first time such a large corporation has launched a major product ad campaign on the back of a strong pro-gay and pro-equality stance.

Everyone from the President of the U.S.A, Barack Obama, to Lady Gaga, to regular gay and heterosexual users have posted messages supporting the campaign and voicing their solidarity with the gay community. A similar campaign in the U.K, called “It Gets Better Today”, featured Prime Minister David Cameron and the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

Well known writer and columnist, Dan Savage, who used to play agony uncle to gays through his column ‘Savage Love’ had first started this campaign. He used it as a means to encourage teenagers that life does indeed get better, by referring to his personal experiences with his partner, Terry. His original video has been viewed well over a million times.

He had said then, “When a gay teenager commits suicide, it’s because he can’t picture a life for himself that’s filled with joy and family and pleasure and is worth sticking around for. So I felt it was really important that, as gay adults, we show them that our lives are good and happy and healthy and that there’s a life worth sticking around for after high school.”

This campaign is especially thoughtful as it seeks to help youngsters who need to come to terms with their so called “different” preferences, and deal with their family friends and colleagues who may have a lot of prejudices towards them and can end up hurting or being mean to them at a very delicate phase of their lives.

At the same time,  this ad will help Chrome to compete with its competitors, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which currently have a much larger market share than Chrome.


  • Todd Sanderson says:

    Google just gave me a reason not to install Chrome

  • Tina Spangler says:

    I am very sad about the gay video. Influencing young teens to do what feels good and not what is right is wrong. Teens need to know what a Godly relationship is between a man and a woman.

  • Terry says:

    This is just wrong, very very disapointed. I am watching the game with my 12 yr old daughter, Come on I get enough of the beer commercials,,,,, now this!

  • Dave Kiefer says:

    Firefox has nothing to worry about. Chrome won’t be used by me no matter what features it provides. Will have to start looking at other search engine options as well.

    With that said, it’s sad how such a small percentage can control so many things. I have nothing against gays but I don’t need their life style forced upon me or my family. Like it or not it’s a sin just as if I were to have an affair.

    Google…be careful who you choose to promote. It’s wasn’t the 15% or so of gays that got you where you are. Let them live how they choose but don’t for a second think we will stand by and watch you encourage our children to choose this live because it looks cool on TV….jacka$$es

  • AccuraCast says:

    @Todd, Tina, Terry & Dave – Just wondering, would you rather just have the gay teenagers commit suicide?

  • Dave Kiefer says:

    @AccuraCast – No we wouldn’t rather they commit suicide. Poor logic on your part…what you are saying is if you think if you want to commit suicide or think about it then you should just do what you want and not worry about consequences. I’d rather see suicidal people get help. I have no issues with people supporting teens who are gay…but supporting in a way that helps them deel with those feelings not encourage them or make them the cool thing to do. We will all face judgement…I’d like to stand next to a gay friend on that day knowing they learned how to deal with their sexual temptations just as I have…lets remember, homosexuality is nothing more than a sexual temptation just as a hot girl is to most men or a hunk to most ladies. It will never be ok for me to act on my sexual desires. I deal with them daily, as most men do. I have deep respect for the gays that have done the same.

    PS…getting tired of a society that is guilt free, blame free and always the victim.

  • Jim says:

    Ugh – I like Chrome, but will quit using it now after that ad. Bullying and hate to gays is totally wrong. But promoting gay life is a different thing, and that’s what the ad was doing. Forget it Google – time to can Chrome and time to look for another search engine.

  • AccuraCast says:

    How exactly is this ad promoting homosexuality?

    If anything the ad seems to indicate that life for homosexual teens is so bad that many of them think about committing suicide – doesn’t take a marketing genius to know that that has got to be the worst ever pitch to promote homosexuality (or anything else for that matter)!

  • GODb4marky says:

    I love all people equally, and I know that God does too… Straight, gay, bi, tri, transgender, bestialities, etc., etc. No matter what, we’re all sinners and we all need atonement. Just because someone’s behavior / lifestyle defies the Biblical, historical, and socially normal use of human sex and defecation organs doesn’t give people a right to hate other people, (as we shall hate all evil but love all people). Moreover, this certainly does not give Google the right or even the interest to endorse, model, and honor said behaviors / lifestyles for the entire US (including my 3 year old daughter) to see on national television. I love Google, (and I will sincerely miss using the Google’s search engine, and Chrome browser, as it’s back to Bing and Mozilla Firefox forever now), and I love everyone for that matter regardless of what they do or don’t do. But there are the wrong ways, and the only way to restore people who are hurting, suicidal, confused, and sexually enslaved. By making this behavior and lifestyle seem good, healthy, and Holy, Google obviously chose a wrong way. As for the ONLY way… Google, America, and the world… lead them to the Christmas savior.

  • While you’re free to believe whom you want, you don’t have the right any more than Google does to claim that your beliefs are better than anyone else’s.

    Keep your preaching to your churches and don’t assume that people outside the USA want anything to do with your bigotry.

    Here, in Europe, we’re perfectly happy teaching even our 3 year olds about acceptance and love.

  • Jorge Gonzalez says:

    I will be uninstalling Google Chrome as soon as I am done writing these few lines. Why do I have to be force fed the acceptance of homosexuality. I don’t see any secular corporation taking on the agenda of promoting christianity. I could not care less about what homosexuals do behind close doors but do not like one bit the idea of Google promoting that perverted lifestyle.

  • bluehoodie says:

    @Farhad Divecha
    Keep teaching your 3 year olds about acceptance and love. That’s all fine and well. I would what your children will teach their 3 year olds when all of Europe is overrun with Islam?

  • James says:

    Having just read your comments I am aghast that such small-minded stupidity is still alive in the world. As Christians you should learn to have love in your heart, and not hatred towards a group of people that you obviously do not, or will not, understand. How dare you say what is “normal” and what is or isnt a sin. The bible is a pile of tosh put together in a time before any of todays technological, cultural, and intellectual advances. Fair enough if you choose to believe in a bunch of stories intended to feed the minds of ignorant, easily lead peasents, but dont expect others to stand by and let you “preach” your vile idiotic comments.

    Good on google for taking a stand against discrimination. With evil views like yours, you will soon be the minority, and there will be noone, not one single soul, there to defend you and your right to be accepted as equal.

  • DH says:

    Love Chrome, but I will not put up with their inyour face Political agenda, moving back to MS Explorer. Don’t get me wrong, to each his own, but DONT STICK YOUR LIFESTYLE IN MY FACE!

  • Your Neighbor says:

    Reading the majority of the comments on here, this is exactly why a campaign like this was created. People who are unwilling to accept another person’s lifestyle. Homosexuality is not a choice, it is biological. There are instances of it in other animals as well. Sure, you may say that you “love all people” but then saying that you do not agree with a “perverted” lifestyle is contradictory. You are passing judgment, one that is not yours to give. You have no idea what it’s like to live like that, and what individuals in the LBGT community have gone through. They are not hurting anyone. What fool would want to prevent more love in this world, and worse, stop others from loving who they wish. I would LOVE to see people get this riled up about domestic violence, homelessness, pollution, education, something that EVERYONE could stand behind together, rather than something so divisive, lending the same tired arguments. This is a lifestyle, it does not have to be your lifestyle, so live and let live. But please, stop arguing what your religion says. Think for yourself. I think it’s great that Google is supporting this, in 30 years (I hope a lot less) we will all look back and wonder what the big deal was.

  • AccuraCast says:

    @DH Don’t get us wrong. As you said, to each his own,

  • Dave Kiefer says:

    The funny thing is that the gays who want to be able to express their opinion are the first to chastise those of us who express we don’t agree with it. As I’ve said, I won’t judge you for right or wrong. For me it’s wrong and I won’t practice it. Sleeping with multiple partners is wrong to me as well…I won’t do it. Sex is private between the two (or more for those of you into that). Lets keep it private. Person to person I won’t treat you any different if you are married and sleeping with your wife, gay and sleeping with the same sex, married and sleeping with others and so on. If your proud because your gay, be proud with your partner. If your proud because you cheat on your wife, be proud with those you cheat with, if your proud because you sleep only with your wife, by all means, be proud with her. My gosh this word this world has such bigger issues to handle than what gets you off…lets focus on that.

  • Why would you want to know? says:

    Yeah and? This video has nothing to do with chrome at all, exept the ad at the end. It’s a good and fast browser, that’s all.

    I hate religion, only makes the world worse and worse every day over again.

  • Kari says:

    First, if you can’t put your name, don’t comment. Second, MOST religions give you purpose, values and morals. How pathetic it must be only living for a on time earthly life. I guess if we had no religion we could all be gay and have no guilt. Well one problem there. We would be here since we couldn’t reproduce. But hey we would have a great time ending humanity with our lustful perverted life styles.