Attacking Google Mobile’s Achilles’ Heel – Analytics

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A recent news bite on AccuraCast Search Daily News highlighted the fact that Google AdWords does not provide reliable conversion tracking on mobile ad campaigns. In the wake of this announcement, a number of alternative solution providers, including the likes of Bango, have announced alternative products that supplement Google’s shortcomings in this area.

Mobile network operators, mobile search providers and associated mobile commerce solution providers have long known the problems Google faces with providing in-depth visitor information to advertisers on their AdWords mobile platform. The operators hold this user information dearly, since it is likely to be the single most important factor they can leverage in the race to prevent Google from dominating mobile search and the associated ad spend.

Bango Analytics is latest in the new breed of mobile analytics solutions that provide more in-depth information than Google Analytics or AdWords conversion tracking can. Mobile Analytics from Amethon is another such product.

Bango Analytics
Mobile Analytics from Amethon

Advanced mobile analytics systems from providers like Bango can provide advertisers extensive information about how visitors interact with their site. These systems use ‘off the wire’ capture technology and are integrated into the mobile operator or content provider/aggregator’s network and can therefore mine much more information than a JavaScript or cookie-based system like Google Analytics and AdWords. The information these advanced systems provide can include:

  • Number of unique visitors per day
  • What phones the visitors use to access the site
  • What networks in which countries the visitors come from
  • Most popular content
  • Referring search terms
  • Total return from a marketing campaign

Data from these systems is presented near real-time, unlike Google Analytics, which can take a few hours to update or Google AdWords conversion tracking, which takes as much as 24 hours to update.

As the race for dominance of the mobile platform heats up, the other players in the market are arming themselves with every possible weapon to fight Google.

While Google drives the majority share of mobile search traffic, very few advertisers will consider spending their ad budgets elsewhere. However, if the other providers liaise or a new dominant player arises with an ad platform that includes superior tracking and targeting capabilities, Google could end up losing favour with advertisers.

Screenshot of Bango Analytics

Above: Screenshot of Bango Analytics


  • Greg Harris says:

    You left out the only one that actually works like Google Analytics.

    Mobilytics is the only fully hosted, no server required, tag your pages, mobile web analytics that tracks your complete website (every page) while adding mobile specific metrics and handset details.

    Oh, and we include a mobile ad network for publishers to earn revenue. (And it’s free!)

    Greg Harris, CEO
    Mobile Visions, Inc

  • Hi Farhad,

    Thanks for posting about Amethon however I hate to do this but you are incorrect in your post above.

    Yes you are correct that Google analytics does not work for mobile websites because 95% of mobile browsers do not render javascripts tags.

    However you are incorrect that Bango works the same way as Amethon’s Mobile Analytics.

    Bango uses page tagging which also has issues.

    Amethon is the only Mobile Analytics to use wireline capture. Our technology captures real time traffic from your webserver.

    For more information on the benefits of using wireline capture download the 4 page pdf on our website at

    Or send me an email directly.

    Dean Collins

  • Dean,

    I use the Bango Analytics myself because I use their system to collect money from mobile users. Whatthey do is not exactly page tagging. In fact they have you put invisible “redirects” in teh areas of your site you want to measure.

    The drawback of teh Bango approach is that although there is no code to change on pages, it is a bit more invasive because you have to make changes to your links. Teh big win is that Bango have some very cool technology so they can identify users uniquely – by looking back into the WAP gateway at the operator. Its very very accurate – compared with anything else.

    Wireline analysis is also cool. Reminds me of a company called eNition – disappeared a while back. Potentially unlimited in scope, and as its a proxy it can do anything you could possibly envisage. I host my sites all over the place so its no use to me, but I will keep a watching brief on Amtheon.