Live Mobile With Product Search And Dynamic Geo-Location

By April 30, 20084 Comments

Microsoft’s browser based mobile search, just got better. Users can now enjoy all the benefits of product search in the palm of their hand, through their mobile phones. Users in the U.K. and Japan will also benefit from improved mobile local search services.

Mobile Live Search With ProductsA range of popular products, their user ratings and price comparisons will be made available to users whenever and wherever they needs them, via Mobile Live Search. Detailed reviews and consumer opinions will also be available, allowing the user to thoroughly research the product before buying it.

Feature ratings through consumer reviews from across the web will be incorporated into the Live Search product listings. Henceforth, whenever consumers notice a new product in a store, they can use the Microsoft service to find out details about its performance, special features, compare it with similar products and also search for better prices before actually buying it on the spot.

Another interesting feature of Live’s Mobile Search offering will be made available to users in the U.K. and Japan – the ability to automatically pinpoint one’s location, based on the nearest mobile communication towers. Customers can then locate whatever they are searching for in the vicinity. However, the service currently works only on Vodafone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile’s networks.

Product search on mobile has been available on Google since September of last year. Microsoft’s service is not yet actually available in the Europe, as of the time of writing this story. However, the Mobile Live Search team will probably roll it out in time, a fact they have not considered important enough to mention in their announcement.


  • sklk says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh where is goog in all this?

  • mobile user says:

    ok, just pressed the google product search and searched for a ‘digital camera’…
    this is what I got on my phone:

    $$657.99 10MP Digital SLR Camera – Home Depot
    $$299.99 Samsung 10.1MP Digital Camera NV10 – Target
    $$550.95 9 MP Digital Camera – Royal Business Equip…
    $$179.95 Canon Powershot SD1000 Digital Camera – Silver – Abe’s of Maine
    $$139.98 Casio 7MP Digital Camera – Blue – Toys”R”Us

    no images? no links? no details? no reviews?
    no spec?

  • AccuraCast says:

    This post talks about Microsoft’s Live Search for mobile phones. Microsoft’s product search service on mobile does seem to be better-looking than Google’s.

    If you compare Microsoft’s product search offering (image above) with that of Google (image here), you will see that the MSFT one is much more user friendly in appearance, but might take longer to load on mobile.

  • jason deer says:

    i played with this a big and on my clumzy 3g phone this looks rather ravishing, Google’s solution is nothing but a static text, but microsoft have images and reviews! this is productive.
    so yes, I dont care if it takes 5 more secs just to do it right.