Nexus One Failed. Yet Why Are There Rumours Of Nexus Two?

By November 3, 201013 Comments

Samsung Mobile has announce the launch of a new Android device on the 8th of November in New York. This announcement has fuelled rumours that the new device will be Google’s Nexus Two.

Nexus Two concept by GizmodoAlthough rumours about a Nexus Two phone remain unconfirmed, they are strong and consistent. City A.M. claimed that the new Google-branded phone would be available for retail before the Christmas holidays through Carphone Warehouse in the U.K. Shortly after that, the Android and Me site speculated on what the new Nexus Two phone’s configuration might be. Gizmodo even went so far as to release a conceptualisation of what they hope the Nexus Two might look like.

The new Android device to be launched by Samsung is expected to run on the latest version of Android, code named “Gingerbread”, which is a faster and more efficient system, compared to Android version 2.1. The placement of a large Gingerbread man by Google in the company’s grounds in California has fuelled the rumours of a big product launch further.

Nexus One Woes

Considering that the Nexus One did not fare too well, falling spectacularly short of Google’s promise to revolutionise the mobile phone buying process,  it would come as quite a surprise that Google might even consider going down the same route again. They would have to make drastic changes to get past the negativity that led to the closure of the Nexus One store hardly 5 months after its launch, to ensure the success of the Nexus Two.

It would be advisable for Google to ensure that the Nexus Two, if it does become a reality, be compatible with various mobile operators and also that it be functional on GSM as well as CDMA technologies.

Google may also consider replacing the carrier subsidy for the cost of the phone, by subsidizing the phone themselves. The expense could be offset by the revenue from mobile advertising. They could also be more aggressive with their marketing pitch to lure more users. They could offer good exchange offers etc.

Samsung has denied the rumours about the launch of the Nexus Two. According to Scott Webster at CNet, Samsung is far more likely to just release a new flagship Android-powered phone with their own branding on it.

Market Signals

Eagerness of the tech community to lap up rumours about a new Google mobile phone could be quite telling in itself. The desire for a new Google-branded devise is definitely there. The question remains, will Google be able to learn from the mistakes of Nexus One and truly break ground in the mobile industry the second time round?


  • David says:

    Nexus One failed? It’s still one of the best Android phones available, and the ONLY phone available that doesn’t have OEM or carrier crapware installed. We need a Nexus Two and Nexus N phones so that consumers can actually experience Android without all the uninstallable nonsense provided from carriers. BING as a default search on some phones? Please.

    The failure of Nexus One was its sales model (unsubsidized), not the phone itself. All phones should be unsubsidized; carriers and contracts are just horrible for everyone involved.

  • Joey says:

    The Nexus One is a great phone. What failed was the marketing and availability. Make it subsidized by carriers AND available for direct purchase, then market the hell out of it and they’ll have a winner!

  • ollie says:

    Who wrote this? The nexus 1 isn’t a failure, you are.

  • itsaboutiphone says:

    Hi guys , Nexus One failed thats impossilbe It’s still one of the best Android phones available in the market.

  • AccuraCast says:

    If you read the article it says that the failure is not on the part of the phone but on the part of Google’s promise to revolutionise the way mobile phones were sold. Google tried to change the industry but gave up in just 5 months, when they shut down the Nexus One store.

  • mjw says:

    Sent from my nexus one. Na it’s working fine. Any guess what not many other people have one. If only I could be so lucky and be like 95% of the individual on this planet and blindly bend over to apple. Please fail again! Cause I hate being a sheep. Now journalist they are great. So clever.

    Ur f

  • ollie says:

    No I quit reading after it said nexus 1 failed.

  • AccuraCast says:

    No one at AccuraCast is an Apple fan, none at all. However, that doesn’t mean we have to blindly accept every Google venture as a godsend!

    The Nexus One experiment (to create a Google branded mobile and sell it only online) failed. They had to stop it in just 5 months. The reasons had little or nothing to do with the phone.

  • Joey says:

    If you don’t want people to react that way then don’t use headlines that will provoke people. What kind of response were you expecting with a headline like “Nexus One Failed”? This message was composed using voice to text on my Nexus One.

  • AccuraCast says:

    @Joey fair enough. The original headline was “Nexus One Experiment Failed, Yet Why Are There Rumours Of Nexus Two”, which clarified that the experiment, not the phone was a failure.

    Problem was, the title was too long for some feed renderers and so we chucked the “experiment” word.

  • Joey says:

    I guess us N1 owners take the phone’s codename “Passion” to heart. 😉