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January 2007 Advertising Breakdown

By February 19, 2007June 9th, 2020No Comments

Nielsen//Netratings released figures for January 2007 and December 2006 advertising breakdown by industry. The financial services industry leads the pack again with 71 billion ad impressions clocked in January, down 5.61% from the previous month.

Web media came up a near second with 67 billion ad impressions (up 23% from December), followed by Retail and Public Services at 51 billion and 27 billion impressions respectively.

Public services advertising has shot up 86% from December, to outpace the Telecommunications industry (down 33% to 23 billion), which was December’s 2nd runner up for ad impressions.

Standard image and text links are still the most popular advertising media, with 37% of total ad impressions, followed by Flash (23%) and standard images (21%). Sponsored links accounted for only 17% of total impressions.