Yahoo! Experiments With Real Time Search

By November 9, 20093 Comments

With both Microsoft and then Google announcing individual deals that give them access to real time information on Twitter, Yahoo! cannot afford to be left behind in the race.

While both Google and Microsoft’s Bing, have made separate deals with just Twitter, Yahoo! is reportedly in talks with OneRiot for a much broader real time search offering.

Reuters reports that Yahoo! Inc is looking to match its rivals in providing up-to-the-minute Internet search results. The company is supposed to be running tests with several real time search partners, according to sources familiar with the matter.

According to Reuters, Yahoo! is currently holding talks with several companies to provide users with realtime search results on a trial basis. OneRiot is one of those companies.

However, there have been no official announcements on this score from either Yahoo! or OneRiot.

OneRiot, which is based in Boulder, Colorado, taps into several sources including Twitter, Digg and their 3-million-strong user base to collect real time information.

Initially, Yahoo! will provide the real time search results in a separate box at the top of the search results page, to see how their users react to this service.

While Yahoo! and Microsoft have already signed a 10 year search deal last July, it is not expected to turn operational until next year. Until then, Yahoo! needs to fend for itself. Understandably, they would not like to be left behind in the real time search race, and hence this trial with OneRiot seems like a good option to pursue.


  • Cdrees says:

    I think it’s about time.. the instant nature of twitter and other “real-time” social networks gives quite a bit of insight into what’s hot or not. Movie reviews, restaurant reviews, etc., or updates from a live event might takes days, weeks or (never) to make it into traditional search results.. real time updates is the natural progression of search.